SUPER Typhoon Kong-rey Heads towards Japan Just Days after Typhoon Trami

SUPER Typhoon Kong-rey Heads towards Japan Just Days after Typhoon Trami

Typhoon travelling at sustained winds of 150mph over the Philippine Sea

Another Typhoon is rapidly gathering pace as it heads towards Japanese lands literally days after Typhoon Trami wreaked havoc on the country.

Typhoon Kong-rey is strengthening by the minute as it travels at sustained winds of 150mph over the Philippine Sea,

Officials are hoping the new typhoon will weaken before it finally arrives at the islands late on Thursday or Friday local time.

Meteorologist Danielle Banks explains that “…there could be substantial rain, damaging winds, high seas, and the flooding and mudslide threat.

“And remember, this one is coming on the heels of Typhoon Trami.”

The express reports: It will then likely make an acute turn towards the northeastern area.

By the time Kong-rey makes landfall, it may be seeing winds of 80mph, a category one typhoon.

Parts of Taiwan, China, and Korea, could also be at chance from the hurricane and have been warned to keep track of it.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Richard said: “After threatening the Ryukyu Islands, scenarios for Kong-rey’s expected track around the start of the next weekend range from the Typhoon targeting Taiwan and eastern China or curving northwestward to mainland Japan or the Korean Peninsula.”

Over the weekend, the Kong-rey brought thundershower, gusts and high surf to Guam, a US territory in the western Pacific.

This new threat comes just days after Typhoon Trami devastated Okinawa, causing widespread damage and power cuts, killed two people and injured around 120.

It brought 125mph winds to southern parts of the island on Saturday, according to the Japanese Meteorologist Agency.

Nearly 3.7million people were advised to evacuate ahead of Trami, and almost 1,000 flights were canceled.

Kong-really, which could also affect Okinawa, marks the next storm in this year’s relentless typhoon season.

Last month, Super Typhoon Mangkhut hit the northern Philippines with category five intensity, causing floods and deadly landslides and also affected southeastern China and Hong Kong.

Before that, Typhoon Jebi caused widespread wind damage and storm surge in Japan.

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