Tea Party Founder: Hunter Biden’s ‘Entire Curriculum Vitae Is Pay to Play Politics’

Tea Party Founder: Hunter Biden’s ‘Entire Curriculum Vitae Is Pay to Play Politics’

GOP strategist Michael Johns slams Biden’s trade-off of influence

Tea Party movement co-founder and GOP strategist Michael Johns took aim at Hunter Biden‘s art, stating besides his seemingly corrupt scheme, “he has no artistic skills.”

Johns noted Hunter’s “entire career all the way back to his service with a major bank in Delaware has been a trade-off of influence with his father’s political influence.”

“The magnitude of conflicts of interest are literally so large that many of these details get lost in the process,” Johns said.

He added Hunter’s “entire curriculum vitae is just a trade of influence.”

“You can almost look at it this way: During the Obama administration, Biden is sent o Iraq to negotiate an agreement providing legal safety for our forces over there and failed in that effort. But his brother walked away with a $1.5 billion dollar housing project.”


“Biden was also sent to Russia to address corruption issues, and he failed completely.”

“But soon thereafter he had his son hunter showing up on the board of energy company Burisma without any energy experience.”

“And also receiving the $3.5 million payment from he former Mayor Moscow.”

“Even today, with Biden meeting Putin, no major media outlet asked him the obvious question, what did Hunter Biden do for the $3.5 million dollars?”

“Finally what is most concerning, Joe Biden is sent to China to begin work on intellectual property theft issues, the current manipulation, and the trade imbalance along with he CCP military aggression, again he failed in the policy mission, but Hunter Biden walks away with a joint venture with the bank of China with roughly a billion dollars.”

“Then there was the book issue where Hunter got $2 million dollars despite never writing a book before, and the book is pretty much unreadable.”

“Meanwhile, Senator Josh Hawley published a very important book on big tech censorship and had an agreement with Simon and Schuster, but it got dropped due to pressure from the left.”

“They instead published Hunter Biden’s book.”

“So the concern with the art issue, we have no way of really knowing, particularly with anonymous bidding, who is going to acquire this, and their motives behind acquiring it.”

“I think this requires immediate oversight and ethics attention.”

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