Tennessee Church Donates $23k to Local Police as ‘Bold Statement of Support’

Tennessee Church Donates $23k to Local Police as ‘Bold Statement of Support’

Church had enough of police being demonized

One of the main far-left rallying cries of this year has undoubtedly been ‘defund the police.’

However, as Democrat-run cities fall into the hand of Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters, some are pushing back the other way.

A Tennessee church was one of those who had enough of the police being demonized.

The Lighthouse Missionary Baptist Church in Jonesborough decided to show its appreciation for the th police by giving each member of their local department a $1,000 check.

The Christian Post reported the church collected $23,000 in a fundraiser for law enforcement and presented the checks during a July 4 ceremony.

Perry Cleek, the pastor of the church, cited the “debilitating lack of morale” facing police departments across America as the driving factor behind his faith community’s collective act of generosity.

“We wanted to make a bold statement in support of law enforcement,” he said.

Cleek is not wrong about low morale among police.

272 New York City police officers filed for retirement in the month following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

It also looks like police officers in other cities may follow suit.

According to a recent survey, seven in 10 Washington, D.C., officers were seriously considering quitting their jobs in law enforcement.

The anti-law enforcement sentiment following Floyd’s death also led to he cancellation of two popular reality TV shows, “Live PD” and “Cops.”

Leftists took issue with the fact that the shows painted law enforcement in a positive light.

Cleek called Floyd’s death “without question an act of evil” but said “much of the response to the killing of Mr. Floyd, the looting and burning and destruction of both public and private property, the disgraceful treatment, dishonoring and demonization of law enforcement are also acts of evil.”

The Pastor hoped the church’s “act of support and encouragement for our local police department” would “result in many more Americans voicing their support.”

But luckily, many other businesses and individuals in America are doing the same.

The Local Fresh Grill in Port Richey, Florida, positioned itself as a “safe haven” for the police.

An African immigrant living in Washington, D.C., also delivers food to her local police, whom she described as “heroes.

Churches, businesses, and individuals across America should follow the lead of the Lighthouse Missionary Baptist Church.

This particularly applies to those living in Democrat-run cities where the push to “defund the police” has more of a chance of becoming a reality.

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