Thousands Of Christians Being Wiped Out En Masse in Egypt – MEDIA BLACKOUT

Thousands Of Christians Being Wiped Out En Masse in Egypt – MEDIA BLACKOUT

Christians being slaughtered inside their own churches in mass genocide event

A brave Egyptian businessman and father of two has revealed how thousands of Christians are being wiped out in Egypt by Muslim extremists, but the media is refusing to talk about it.

The man, who has used a false name to protect his identity due to safety fears, said Christians in Egypt were becoming increasingly terrified of the massive amount of attacks. 

‘Michael’ said that 2017 has been the worst year on record the Christian persecution, with a majority of Christians being slaughtered inside their
own churches

Back in April last year, Egypt saw a twin suicide bomb attack which took place in the Egyptian cities of Tanta and Alexandria. According to officials, 45 people were killed and more than 125 injured.

Only last month another gunman opened fire on a church in Cairo killing nine people including one police officer.

According to the Christian persecution watchdog Open Doors r, Egypt has become the 17th most dangerous places for Christians following the massive bloodshed.

The “unprecedented” level of persecution. 

Egypt’s Coptic Christian population is now facing a mass genocide event with numbers around 1 million being attacked by Muslim extremists.

“It brings about a lot of concern and fear in the hearts of many Christian families. When people put themselves in the shoes of those who have been killed, they think ‘could I be next?’ ‘Michael told the Express.

“It is bringing a lot of concern and fear. Some Christians are asking their children to stay at home during special occasions in fear of possible attacks.”

“The way Christians in Egypt are viewed as generally: ‘Christians are infidels, corrupt’.

“That mindset is embedded in the minds of many Muslims in Egypt. When we talk about extremist Muslims in particular, they are the ones who want to clearly stand against Christians, to treat them badly, or even in many cases to attack them violently because of them being Christians.

“Since I was a child I have bared a lot of experiences where I was not violently attacked but I have definitely been discriminated against. My wife, my father, my mother, because of that radical mentality.”

“It is an interesting phenomenon. Churches are completely packed with Christians, even when we are not sure what can happen. We just celebrated another Eastern Christmas, it was very joyful celebrating Christmas.”

“The way the Christian community reacted to different attacks was phenomenal. In other countries, Christians decide to take guns and fight back. But after one attack after another they continue to pray and forget and forgive – even pray for the attackers.

“Even mothers coming on television testifying how they are sad for their daughters or sons to have been killed but they pray for the attackers. It is mind-blowing.”

Micheal went on to say he believed Egypt could one day reach a point where Muslims and Christians could live harmoniously together, but the government is not doing anything to stop the conflict.

“Our government is on the top level has shown a lot of sympathies but I think if there is any positive change it must come from the bottom. We need a change of culture on the bottom level, the level that is close to everyday life.”

“I really feel for our leaders. There are a lot of struggles going on. We share borders with many troubled countries.”

“My hope is social change, to help people to realize that Christians and Muslims can actually live together, in a small village or small town, Christians can work and live peacefully with their Muslim neighbors.”

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