Trump Supporters: ‘We’re All Tired of Being Called Racists’

Trump Supporters: ‘We’re All Tired of Being Called Racists’

Push back from President’s supporters become more apparent

The media and the Democrats are not just trying to smear President Donald Trump; they are also smearing his supporters too.

While many Trump supporters account for the silent majority, some are too afraid to declare their support for the president for fear of reprisals, with some being called “racist.”

We have reached the peak of political correctness, fueled by the tense political atmosphere, leaving voters people unable to publicly express support for anything that isn’t pushing climate change, LGBT, socialism, or globalism.

Last month, Trump’s packed-out his rally of nearly 18,000 people in Ohio, a sure sign of his growing support, while the media refuses to acknowledge his increasing popularity.

The Atlantic published a piece last month, describing how Trump supporters are “tired of being called racists.”

The irony is the left’s battle cries of “Trump’s a racist” is actually making a mockery of real racism, the same way Alexand Ocasio-Cortez compared dentation centers to Nazi concentration camps, it insults victims of the holocaust.

The president’s eldest son told the crowd last month:

“It’s sad that using ‘racism’ has become the easy button of left-wing politics,” he said.

. “…Because guess what? It still is an issue … But by making a mockery of it by saying every time you can’t win a fight — ‘Oh! We’re just gonna push the button! It’s racist’ —you hurt those that are actually afflicted by it. People hear it, they roll their eyes, and they walk on. And that’s a disgrace, and that’s what you’ve been given in the identity politics of the Left.”

Plott notes the same sentiment about the Left’s “easy button” “racist” label.

Even gay Trump supporter Brandon Straka, who spoke at the rally, noted the Left’s “insinuations of bigotry and racism,” which he slammed as “divisive tactics” designed to control minorities.

Rally-goers said them felt the same when the politicians and media call Trump racist; it’s also hurting them.

“We’re all tired of being called racists,” one 74-year-old white Trump supporter told Plott.

“You open your mouth; you’re a racist. My daughter is a liberal, and she’s [using the word] all the time. We don’t talk politics; we can’t — all the time she always accuses me of hate.”

The supporter had just returned from Thailand after doing “missionary work for 15 years with impoverished children.”

“I’m sick to death of it,” said another supporter about Trump.

“I have 13 grandchildren—13. Four of them are biracial, black and white; another two of them are black and white, and another two of them are Singapore and white. You think I’m a racist? I go, and I give them kids kisses like nobody’s business.”

In August, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested that President Trump’s supporters are unknowingly racist during an interview with Crooked Media’s Pod Save America podcast.

AOC, who has repeatedly said there was “no question” that Trump “is a racist,” said the conservation needs to be about racism itself, and not so-called racists.”

First of all, the biggest mistake that we have — and it’s a trap that gets set by the Right, whether intentionally or unintentionally — is just the frame of asking, ‘Is blank racist?’” the New York Democrat explained.S

The then argued the conversation needs to be about racism itself, and not the people who ascribe to it.

The congresswoman is basically implying Trump supporters are too stupid to realize they are racists, not just an insult but incredibly demeaning.

Last year, Actor Jim Carrey described Trump supporters as “worse than animals” when talking about the president’s immigration policies.

One Trump supporter on Twitter user said, “I support these policies, but I’m no animal.”

“We sit by as children are slaughtered by the hundreds in their classrooms, taken from their refugee parents and locked in cages,” Carrey wrote on Twitter.

“We treat them like animals because we’re worse than animals: we’re Donald Trump’s Americans,” Carrey ranted.

“If this wickedness goes on, our fate will be a cruel one.”

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