Venezuelan Socialism Survivor Issues Warning for America

Venezuelan Socialism Survivor Issues Warning for America

Daniel Di Martino says socialist policies have destroyed him homeland of Venezuela

A survivor of Venezuelan socialism has spoken out to issue a warning to America after fleeing his homeland for freedom in the United States.

Venezuela is a real-life riches to rags tale after falling from a thriving and prosperous Latin American nation.

The country’s citizens enjoyed a high quality of life, and immigrants flocked there to better their circumstances.

However, when socialism took over the Venezuelan government, all of that changed abruptly.

The once flourishing country quickly became an example for other nations as to what happens when socialism is allowed to run rampant.

Violent crime skyrocketed, people lost their lives and livelihoods, and neighbors began to view each other as rivals for ever-diminishing resources.

Yet, many Americans are blissfully ignorant of the ravages of socialism.

They hear promises of a “socialist utopia” and they want to bring it to the United States.

When they hear the word socialism, they think of “free” college and health care, as promised by politicians such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Venezuelan Daniel Di Martino has seen firsthand the horrors inflicted by socialism in his homeland and wants to educate people about what it’s really like.

Di Martino spoke during an interview on “The Daily Signal Podcast to share his experiences with life in socialist Venezuela, as well as to offer his advice on how to educate Americans about the dangers of the ideology.


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“In Venezuela, about 30,000 people get killed every year of murder. My aunt got kidnapped one time, and when she went to report the kidnapping in the police station, one of the police officers was one of the kidnappers,” Di Martino said.

“It’s a country destroyed by socialist policies, so it’s very hard to find food, very hard to find basic necessities,” he added.

“So, you have to make lines for hours.

“You have to bribe people.

“You have to be corrupt.

“It’s not a good place to live.

“And so, that’s why I’m very grateful to have been able to come to America.”

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