Woman Has 50 Operations to ‘Look Just Like Angelina Jolie and Join the Illuminati’

Woman Has 50 Operations to ‘Look Just Like Angelina Jolie and Join the Illuminati’

Sahar Tabar has undergone major surgery to ‘look like’ Hollywood star

An Iranian woman has undergone 50 cosmetic surgery operations so she can “look just like” her hero Angelina Jolie and eventually live her Hollywood elite lifestyle.

19-year-old Sahar Tabar says she underwent the series of reconstructive surgeries because she wants to be just like Jolie and “live in Hollywood, marry a movie star and join the Illuminati.”

Tabar said that aside from the surgery, she has also lost 80 pounds, taken up acting lessons, and started “worshipping Satan.”

She says she hopes to soon move to California where she will begin her “movie star” career.

Little is known about how Tabar has been able to afford the numerous procedures, but she’s confident that “joining the Illuminati and worshipping Satan like Angelina Jolie” will bring her all the wealth and fame she dreams of.

Tabar has documented her “transformation” into Jolie with a series of photographs after each operation.

One of the latest procedures she went through was to have eye implants to permanently change the color of her irises.

According to New York ophthalmologist James Tsai, a clinical spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, such cosmetic procedures are illegal in the United States. 

Similar but not identical procedures are done for patients with specific medical problems or conditions. 

For cosmetic purposes, he said, the risks can include glaucoma, cataracts, bleeding in the eyes and corneal problems. 

Tsai said websites advertising such procedures for cosmetic purposes often emphasize how quick they can be done — 10 to 15 minutes per eye — without emphasizing risks.

“We believe they are a dangerous practice and as a physician, I would never recommend them,” he said. 

Tsai said cosmetic implants, which involve making a small slit in the eye, first surfaced about five years ago and have been done in the Middle East, Panama, and Africa. 

Sahar Tabar says she heard that Angelina Jolie recently separated from her husband Brad Pitt.

She said that when her own career takes off in Hollywood, she hopes to meet Pitt and replace Jolie in their marriage.

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