Fluoridated Bottled Water And Which Brands To Avoid

Are you drinking fluoride from bottled water? Time to check...

Many individuals purchase fluoridated bottled water believing it is purer than faucet water and safe from contamination by fluoride, but the FDA allows bottled water business to put fluoride in their product without informing customers– and much of them do merely that.

Why would a company put give fluoridated bottled water to their customers without notifying them?

Your guess is as good as mine, but what I can tell you is which fluoridated bottled water brand names to avoid at all costs unless you more than happy ingesting a recognized neurotoxin as part of your day-to-day routine.

The reality is that lots of processed drinks, as well as food, contain fluoride.

It’s no wonder that oral fluorosis has actually increased in the U.S. over the past 60 years (image listed below).

Dental fluorosis is a side effect of fluoride ingestion that usually results in kids.


According to Realfarmacy: Additionally, the aforementioned peer-reviewed proof versus fluoride includes a recent publication on the planet distinguished, weekly peer-reviewed Medical Journal, the Lancet.

This report classifies fluoride as a neurotoxin and concludes that it significantly decreases the IQ of children.

Fluoride is a toxic waste from phosphate fertilizer

In the 1950’s it was identified that phosphate factories gave off poisonous gases that were ruining the environment.

Crops were sweltered, ruined, and cattle became crippled.

Chemical and ecological engineers were used with the task of filtering this toxic waste so that it would not get away into the environment.

Full list below

My previous chemistry teacher was once one of these engineers and would often recollect of his days establishing and designing exactly what the industry, later on, referred to as scrubbers.

Scrubbers were set up to filter out this toxic waste thus safeguarding neighborhoods from damaging gases that when leached into the atmosphere would damage their health and community.

Possibilities are that you are presently a victim of the market’s fluoride emissions although you might not live anywhere near a phosphate plant.

When the scrubbers clean these emissions, hydrofluorosilicic acid, classified contaminated materials is collected and barreled up.

It is then sold to neighborhoods throughout America to be contributed to the public supply of water as the primary fluoride chemical for water fluoridation.

Naturally, lots of people know this disturbing fact and avoid drinking from the tap.

However what if I informed you that the very water you’re spending a pretty penny on to prevent fluoridation, is too fluoridated.

You might be surprised which brand names include fluoride, however, when you see who owns them, it will all make sense.

The list below includes information provided by the International Bottled Water Association that you can use to make sure you’re not feeding fluoride to yourself and your household.


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