Fukushima to Dump 1 Million Tons of Deadly Nuclear Waste into Pacific Ocean


The fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster is far from over.

And sadly, it’s about to get a lot even worse.

Regardless of rigid claims from those Fukushima officials that there has been no damage to the environment considering that the disaster, the regional oceans have been unmeasurably damaged, according to local fishermen.

And the company that overseeing the clean-up operation will discard an additional 1 million of water tainted with tritium.


The Fukushima disaster is far from over

Tritium is a by-product of the nuclear procedure that is infamously challenging to filter out of the water.

This contaminated water is to be dumped into the Pacific Ocean as part of a multibillion-dollar healing effort following the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

Government officials declare that it won’t impact the water’s ecosystem.

These claims have been made despite in spite of tritium being scientifically proven as an unsafe compound to humans when discovered in large quantities.

Fukushima scientists claim that the ocean vast enough to absolve the waste without doing any harm to those who count on the waters for a life source.

Although radioactive waste is usually filtered before being “disposed of,” Fukushima is dumping the tritium because it’s “too difficult” to get out of the water.

The head of the local fishing union, Kanji Tachiya, says in a statement:

“Launching [tritium] into the sea will develop a new wave of unfounded reports, making our efforts all for naught.”

Impact of local sea life

The fishermen are the ones who have seen the damage from the catastrophe first hand.

Fish shoals have actually diminished significantly and reports of fish with irregularities and tumors and increasingly rapidly.

While Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) declare that their choice will not affect the local environment.

This decision does not appear as though individuals and animal’s safety at the forefront of consideration.

While apologies were made after the catastrophe in Fukushima for the fallout and damage to the environment, it seems that the companies that are at the greatest threat of endangering the environment are the ones who are the most reckless.



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