Girl Cured of Epilepsy ‘After Eating 3000 Avocados’


A family claims they have cured their daughter’s epilepsy after feeding her countless avocados.

Leafy Liu, 5, experiences an extreme form of the disorder which suggests she had up to 60 seizures a day.

After conventional medicine failed her parents turned to the ultra-high fat, low carbohydrate ketogenic diet plan around four years back.

She consumes at least 2 avocados a day– meaning she’s survived an estimated 3,000 pieces of the fruit.


Leafy’s parents Claire, 39, and Justin, 45, from Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK, say they have spent around ₤1,200 ($1600) on the diet.

Epilepsy symptoms disappeared

The family says that Leafy’s epilepsy has pretty much disappeared now, and she hasn’t suffered from any seizures in the last year.

Claire, a nutritional consultant, stated:

“Up until the age of six months, Leafy was just an ordinary infant.

“But then she had her very first seizure, and whatever changed.

“It lasted about 25 minutes which was really scary.

“We both hoped that she would outgrow it, and it’s not too uncommon for children to have seizures.

“But 3 weeks later on she had her 2nd seizure, and it continued like that– every 21 days approximately, she would have another fit.

“When she was having one, she would stop responding or looking at me.

“Her face would fix in one direction, and she’d start to shake.

“It was tiring for her– whenever that she had one, she would sleep for hours later on.

“But progressively it got even worse, and the consistency of them increased. Some of them would be brief, other ones would be much longer, lasting approximately half-an-hour.

“She was susceptible to little bugs– colds and fevers– which would increase the possibility of her having a seizure.”

Hope after trying everything

They transferred to Perth, Australia, where Justin is originally from, hoping the warmer environment would minimize Leafy’s symptoms.

However, only minutes after touching down in Australia, Leafy was rushed to healthcare facility after suffering a huge seizure.

Claire added:

“We couldn’t sleep at night, we would keep up stressing exactly what sort of life she ‘d have.

“The whole scenario went entirely out of control.

“Her longest seizure was 45 minutes long, and it was quickly after that she was diagnosed with epilepsy, which was our worry.

“We didn’t wish to choose an anti-epilepsy drug, because we were concerned about the side-effects.”

The couple eventually found the ketogenic diet plan which burns fat rather of carbs.

Justin, an e-commerce supervisor, stated:

“We thought that we would give it a go, and were stunned by the impact that it had. It’s a wonder.

“She felt fit, happier, healthier, more relaxed, whatever you’d desire for your little woman.

“The avocado has actually been a genuine staple, she definitely adored it from the word go.

“Along with salmon, it’s most likely her favorite thing to eat.”

“It’s incredible,” continues father Justin, saying:

“When I see what other children are eating for lunch I believe it’s so much healthier by doing this.

“When she was at her worst, I could never ever had imagined that avocado would be the thing to assist her through.

“It’s changed all our lives for the much better.”



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