How to Grow Your Own Marijuana Bonsai Tree – Step-by-Step Guide


Among the more innovative methods to cultivate cannabis in your home is to grow a marijuana bonsai tree.

Seriously, you can train a cannabis plant to turn into practically any shape you can picture.

And if you do it right, you can train your plant to look simply like a genuine, real-life bonsai tree.

The only distinction is that your bonsai tree will get you high!


Along with simply being an enjoyable way to grow, this approach to cultivating cannabis really has a variety of various benefits.

It helps you grow plants that are little and workable but that still produce plenty of buds.

It can also help keep your plant healthy and disease-free, and it looks dope as sh * t.

Grow Your Own Marijuana Bonsai Tree

The simplest and most effective method to grow a marijuana bonsai tree is to train the plant’s branches when you’ve got a strong and healthy child plant already growing.

To find out ways to obtain a reputable young marijuana plant, examine this basic beginner’s guide for growing in your home.

What You’ll Need To Grow A Marijuana Bonsai Tree

  • Potted child cannabis plant
  • Drill with little drill bit
  • Gardening twine or thin wire with plastic covering
  • Thin wooden stake

Step 1: Drill holes in the pot

Use your drill to make a series of holes in the leading edge of the pot.

In the future, you’ll be running your twine or wire through these holes, so make certain whatever you’ll be utilizing can fit through the holes you’re making.

Step 2: Train the trunk

The initial step to really begin getting your child marijuana plant to look like a bonsai tree is to utilize your small wooden stake to train the trunk to become the shape you desire it to.

Very carefully press the wooden stake down into the soil together with the trunk of your plant.

You do not want to harm the roots, so just relax.

Once your stake is down, you can gently bend or cover the trunk around it.

Now run a piece of twine or wire through whatever hole is closest to the trunk.

Loop the twine or wire over the trunk and tie it into place.

This will keep your trunk growing in whatever instructions you’ve just placed it.

Step 3: Train the branches

As your cannabis plant continues to grow, you’re required to continue training the individual branches to become the bonsai shape you’re envisioning.

To do this, you’ll generally utilize your twine or wire, along with the holes you drilled into the top of the pot, to train the branches to grow in the direction you require them to.

Obviously, it’s your style.

So if you want an area to begin growing taller, then don’t tie it down as much.

If you desire a section to grow more horizontally than high, then that’s where you ‘d want to connect it down.

Step 4: Prune branches as needed

From time to time you can likewise prune back new development to help keep your plant in its bonsai shape.

When you do this, you have to be really cautious that you don’t inadvertently snip off a primary branch and end up harming the plant.

Just trim branches that are new offshoots coming out of a primary branch. And when you snip, do it carefully and gently.

We recommend utilizing a set of sharp scissors.

This action will not just assist keep your plant appearing like an awesome bonsai tree, it will also assist enhance air flow.

Much better air flow will decrease the possibility that your plant will get too humid, moldy, or that the soil will grow fungus.

Step 5: Harvest buds

Ultimately, your marijuana bonsai tree will get in the blooming stage. Keep your eye on the hair-like trichomes covering your plant’s flowers.

When the trichomes turn milky white, you can snip off the flowers.

Hang them upside down in a well-ventilated space to dry. When you can snap the stem with your fingers, it’s time to cure the buds.

To do this, position them in glass jars, seal the lid, and put the jar into a dark, dry place.

Check the containers every day.

If it gets too humid, take the cover off and let them air out. Then put the cover back on.

As soon as the buds are semi-dry but still sticky, you’re all set to illuminate.

As you enjoy the fruits of your growing labor, sit back and enjoy the beauty of your marijuana bonsai tree.



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