Intelligent People Are Messy, Swear and Stay Up Late, Study Confirms


A scientific study has discovered that intelligent people have easily identifiable characteristics.

Do you or others notice that you swear more than other people?

Do people often complain about the mess you leave everywhere?

Do you always stay up late?


Well, scientists have found that there may be more to your behavior that just bad habits.

The behavior of intelligent people

People who possess these characteristics are actually proven to be more truthful and intelligent, believe it or not.

This discovery has been made during a study whilst comparing people with these habits, to those who don’t.

Sound interesting?

Continue reading to learn more…

Intelligent People Swear More

Let’s make one thing clear it’s everything about the circumstances and timing.

You should understand that smart individuals use bad language only to make their point.

Additionally, they utilize bad language to explain actions, events, sensations, and ideas.

According to studies, the ability to use fitting swear words is linked to language fluency and high vocabulary. Makes sense, right?

Smart People Go to Bed Late

Research studies have found that those people who have the highest IQs are usually those who are most active in the evening.

To be more accurate, individuals with IQ of less than 75 go to bed around 11:41 pm, while on the other hand people with IQ over 123 go to sleep around 12:30 am.

Smart People Are Highly Adaptable

Highly intelligent people are more adaptable in contrast to other individuals.

Smart People Love Solving Problems

If you love it when you deal with a problem, then there is an opportunity that you are a highly intelligent person.

Intelligent People Strive for Unique Solutions and Ideas

As Einstein said, the real indication that somebody is intelligent is seen not by his understanding, but by his imagination.

Smart People Look at Failures as Lessons

This is a characteristic of highly intelligent individuals.

These people always see the favorable in everything and try to get the very best out of it.

They learn from their mistakes, they see them as an advantage.

Smart People Are Also Moral People

As Martin Luther King, Jr. said educations must teach an individual to believe seriously and intensively.

Intelligence along with character is the goal of education.

Smart People Are Messy People

Next time somebody complains about your unpleasant home what you have to do is keep in mind that it’s a characteristic of a smart individual.

Yes, it’s truly like that.

This discovery, in fact, takes off the previous ideas in which a tidy working and living environment results in more effective and effective success and outcomes.

Psychological scientists and researchers from the University of Minnesota say that an unpleasant environment really triggers creativity and new concepts.


Smart people act, solve problems and see the world in a different way.

They disregard everyday problems such as attempting to act civil, keep things clean and keeping a consistent schedule.

So, they have the liberty to be more innovative and be more efficient.

All in all, a smart person swears like a sailor, spends nights at messy desks and makes imaginative ideas a reality.

Do you now feel better about your bad language, unpleasant room and lack of sleep?

Of course, you do, because nothing can beat intelligence. 💪 🤓



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