Magnesium Treats Depression Better Than Any Anti-depressant Drugs

Just 248mg of magnesium per day can treat depression


According to a breakthrough nutritional study conducted at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont has revealed that magnesium treats depression better than prescription anti-depressant drugs.

The study showed that just 248mg of magnesium per day led to an amazing reversal of depression symptoms in study subjects.

“New scientific research study outcomes reveal magnesium works at addressing symptoms and is safer and simpler on the wallet than prescription treatments,” reports Science Daily,

This echoes the reporting of Natural News, who said magnesium treats depression over a decade back.

Today, even traditional science is now confirming that magnesium is a safe, cost-effective and reliable treatment for anxiety.


Exactly what’s truly amazing about all this is that while dangerous pharmaceuticals are bankrupting our country and triggering our health care system to collapse under the weight of out-of-control costs, magnesium can deal with and avoid anxiety for mere pennies a day.

Just a quarter of a gram of magnesium treats depression

Plus, the effective dietary advantages of magnesium aid prevent mineral shortages and persistent illness in numerous other ways across the body, imparting enormous advantages for cardiovascular health, brain health, kidney health and far more.

Yet, astonishingly, nobody in the Republican camp is speaking about reforming health care by relying on natural dietary remedies that might conserve billions of dollars a year on healthcare expenditures.

That’s why I have called out Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Dan Bongino for failing to welcome real free enterprise options that consist of health flexibility and assistance for nutritional therapies and natural treatments.

(Republicans appear permanently stuck in the pharmaceutical model of treating sickness with chemicals, then declaring it’s a “free market” when you can buy into that system across state lines, even while natural medicine is criminalized.).

Can magic mushrooms cure depression?

Pictures of patients’ brains revealed changes in brain activity that were related to significant and enduring reductions in depressive signs and individuals in the trial reported benefits lasting up to five weeks after treatment.

The study revealed indications that magic mushrooms cure depression.

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, head of psychedelic research study at Imperial, who led the research study, said:

“We have shown for the very first time clear modifications in brain activity in depressed people treated with psilocybin after failing to react to traditional treatments.

“Several of our patients explained feeling ‘reset’ after the treatment and typically utilized computer system analogies. For instance, one stated he seemed like his brain had actually been ‘defragged’ like a computer system hard disk drive, and another said he felt ‘rebooted’.

” Psilocybin might be giving these people the short-lived ‘kick start’ they have to break out of their depressive states, and these imaging results do tentatively support a ‘reset’ example. Comparable brain effects to these have been seen with electroconvulsive treatment.”

20 patients with treatment-resistant anxiety were provided two dosages of psilocybin (10 mg and 25 mg), with the 2nd dosage a week after the first.

Of these, 19 went through initial brain imaging and then the 2nd scan one day after the high dosage treatment.



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