Man Behind Yanny or Laurel Clip Reveals What He Actually Said

Did you get it "right?"


By now, it’s pretty safe to say that most people have tried the Yanny or Laurel test.

It’s the audio illusion that divided the Internet.

Does the sound clip say Yanny or Laurel??


After first shooting to the fore recently, the brief clip of a person stating either of those two names caused turmoil.

Some heard one word, others heard the other, and some might switch between the two.

The controversial recording drew apparent similarities to The Dress illusion.

Why do we hear either Yanny or Laurel?

The specific reason for this distinction isn’t totally clear.

Some have actually recommended that it may be the outcome of the bass on your speakers.

Raising or lowering the volume can apparently activate the switch from one name to the other.

Others have stated this is a “perceptually ambiguous stimulus”, suggesting that the brain cannot choose which one is right.

Your age might play an aspect in deciding which one you hear, as could the word you’re really expecting to hear.

For me personally, when I first heard the sound without reading the question on screen, I didn’t hear Yanny or Laurel.

All I heard was a random sound.

As soon as I looked at the screen and saw the two names, I instantly heard “Laurel.”

Could it be that I saw that name first and it triggered it in my mind?

Let’s ask science

One researcher is even carrying out a study to attempt and get to the bottom of it.

Pascal Wallisch from New York University says he would be carrying out a scientific study to attempt and settle Yannygate once and for all.

This does beg the concern though, exactly what was the voice that initially said the word in fact saying?

That, my friend, has actually been answered.

The recording was made by 64-year-old actor-singer Jay Aubrey Jones for the website

Jay Aubrey Jones recorded the sound clip and says he said ‘Laurel.’

They were searching for individuals to state words into a microphone to assist teach people new words.

And on this event in 2007, they asked Jones to say rather a few, including this one: Laurel.

Speaking to Time, he explains:

“I recorded my batch of words, and I thought that was that.”

Yes, that’s right.

The original word spoken was “Laurel”, that makes the Yannygate thing all the weirder.

It wasn’t recorded with an illusion in mind, however simply among countless words in a day’s work.

Jones, for his part, mainly hears Laurel, although he stated he can also hear “a minor trace of ‘Yanny'”.

And he stated it made him laugh that people were so thinking about the recording, considering “all the things that are going on in the world right now.”

So there you have it, straight from the speaker’s mouth himself.

Now we can put these audio impression things to bed…

Until the next one comes along, that is.



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