How to Take Your Meditation Outdoors This Spring

Taking your mediation outdoors can be a great way to cultivate a healthy mindset.


Taking your meditation outdoors can be a great way to cultivate a healthy mindset.

The prevailing philosophy, of sitting down to meditate works for many.

But for some, calming your mind and focus has never come very easily.

Adjusting to the silence and physical inactivity that meditation requires can prove ineffective.


There are apps, groups, and retreats available to combat this, but these methods don’t always allow space to still and silence one’s mind for real meditative healing.

A change in perspective on meditation can help find a practice that is more meditative through movement-oriented activities.

Moving in the great outdoors can expand the notion of meditation and connect with mind, body, and spirit in the real world.

Here are a few movement-based activities that are economical, accessible, and will take your meditation outdoors.

Go for a run—without headphones

Running is the easiest way to take your meditation outdoors by finding a flow of continuous breaths.

It’s even more grounding when done without distractions like music.

Cutting out music from your run can help your mind ease into a space of focus.

The transition may not be easy at first.

After a couple of tries, it will become more natural and more comfortable.

Many even report a better return on workouts without music.

You’ll soon find yourself hooked on the pure simplicity of running with distractions.

Try outdoor biking in the wild

It can be hard finding calm and peace when living in a city or town.

Noise pollution, crowds, and overstimulation can pile up and drown out simple pleasures in life, like nature.

Traditional cycling actives and studios are great for social fun, but rarely are you given the space to just be by yourself in the workout.

Taking your bike outdoors can help slow things down in a more mindful way and help take your meditation outdoors.

The macro-noises seem to fade away as your senses refocus and enhance.

Your hearing is now on the heavy breathing coming in and out through your lungs, while your mind starts to quiet.

Your breath connects to your peddle stroke, and you are calm, while just simply being.

The mere act of peddling forward and avoiding any crashes zaps you right into the present moment, be it on the busy city streets or the backcountry roads.

Seek focus through dance

Rhythm, by definition, is balance and reoccurrence of an act.

Forcing your body to become entwined, you trick your mind into breathing repetitively while exhausting your body.

These patterns offer a close meditative state.

If you lack the motivation for fitness, an excellent instructor and rhythmic-based class will help you get there.

There are plenty of options that can fit you personally.

Even if it’s a ballet or hip hop dance class, repeating choreography can help channel a focus on the present moment.

And you don’t need a studio to dance, why not take your meditation outdoors with dancing in the park, beach or forest.

Find your community and the rhythm will follow.

Try surfing or swimming

These go hand-in-hand.

Swimming forces you to become rhythmic and tantric with your body’s flow and breath.

The catch, pull, glide, and recovery repetition of the freestyle stroke’s continuous action help exhaust your body and forces you into a meditative state over a long distance.

Constant awareness of the water’s activity with the combination of breath, workout, and repetition of strokes and patterns will slowly help you find a meditative state.

Surfing is a great activity to get you into a meditative state because you really have to focus on the environment around you—mostly, the waves.

There’s no way to command the ocean; thus you relinquish all efforts to control your movements or the desired outcome.

You simply can’t show up and surf.

You need to earn your wave by getting beyond the waves; there is no shortcut.

It is a very humbling experience, and one of the most popular ways to take meditation outdoors.

Try Meditation Outdoors

Tapping into a meditative state outside of the traditional methods of meditation is possible—whether running, biking, or swimming.

Plus, some extra time in nature is always good for the mind and body.



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