Neon Nettle: News Source Leads the Way in the Rise of Independent Media

Neon Nettle has risen to become the world's leading independent news source.


Neon Nettle has risen to become one of the world’s leading independent news sources.

As people are becoming increasingly frustrated with the mainstream media, in recent years, independent news sources are experiencing a rise in popularity, and Neon Nettle is leading the way.

Neon Nettle is a small publishing company based in London, UK, with a worldwide following.

The media outlet’s roots extend globally, however, with members of their writing team also in cities all over the world.

The editor at, Jack Murphy, attributes this as being part of their success.


“Our writers write about things that are happening around them. Things that are important to them and the people on the ground,” Murphy explains.

As people become more aware of the information they consume, they are turning away from traditional news sources.

People are now rejecting the corporate-control media sources such as Fox News, CNN, and the BBC.

Due to this change, people are choosing alternative methods, such as Neon Nettle, as a result.

“Nobody likes the feeling someone is using them,” says Murphy.

“The major news outlets stopped reporting news a long time ago.

“Many of them have become propaganda tools for the political parties and agendas they align themselves with.

“People are becoming more and more aware of it, and they’ve had enough.”

People are becoming increasingly frustrated with the agendas pushed by mainstream media.

Media Corruption

In 2014, Stephen McQueen and Paul Roughsedge set about launching Neon Nettle, after seeing a void in news media.

The two men formed the company as an answer to the lack of clarity, and what they call, “real news” in the world’s press.

Operating from a small office in East London, NN now has readers all over the world.

“We wanted to report the counter-narrative that is being underreported by the establishment media,” explains McQueen.

“Instead of promoting a political narrative, we offered people are fuller perspective so they could draw their own conclusions,” Roughsedge adds.

Loyal Following

Neon Nettle has been making waves since it’s launch.

Its number of readers is also continuing to expand, however, which is most noteworthy

Around five million users enjoy reading Neon Nettle each month and that figure is rapidly growing.

While this number isn’t likely to give CNN a run for its money just yet, it likewise shows a huge shift in the way people stay informed.

“People are naturally suspicious when they come across sites like ours for the first time,” says McQueen.

“The majority of people have been brainwashed by the corporate media,” he adds.

“Unfortunately, it has no interest in informing them, it’s there to affect the public consensus.

“Alternative media threatens this status quo.

“They’re skeptical of new news sources after losing trust in the mainstream.

“We challenge the establishment by giving people real news.

“Real news is the new punk rock.”

“When you come across an unfamiliar news site, the first thing you ask is ‘what’s their agenda?‘,” Roughsedge explains.

“Even the so-called ‘fact-checkers’ have an obvious political bias so it’s difficult to ascertain what’s real anymore.

“It’s no wonder people are suspicious these days.”

Who is Neon Nettle for?

“Our readers,” asserts Murphy.

“Our priority has, and always will be, to our readers.

“We don’t exist for anyone else.”

If you’re tired of the mainstream media, why not give Neon Nettle’s brand of real news a try by visiting

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