11-Year-Old Told She Can’t Choose ‘Negative’ President Trump for Hero Project

11-Year-Old Told She Can’t Choose ‘Negative’ President Trump for Hero Project

Liberal teacher tells young student Trump ‘spreads negativity’

An 11-year-old girl was told by her liberal teacher that she couldn’t choose President Donald Trump for her school “hero” project.

Sixth-graders at Samoset Middle School, Lake Ronkonkoma in New York were told to write a report on their hero for the class project, and for Bella Moscato, it was a no-brainer.

“Donald Trump is my hero,” she says.

According to Bella’s parents, however, the young patriot was blasted by the teacher in front of another school official and her classmates and told she couldn’t pick her president to be her hero because Trump “spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women,” according to local news reports.

Teachers reportedly told the young pupil that she must “pick someone else” to be her hero.

Bella’s parents say they are outraged that their daughter could be told that the current US presdient couldn’t be considered a hero.

“She was OK with someone doing Barack Obama, but not OK with [me] doing Donald Trump?” Bella told News 12.

“That’s what got me angry.”


In Bella’s report, entitled, “What Is A Hero To You?” the middle schooler wrote:

“Donald Trump has helped millions of people by creating a great economy.

“He is fighting every day to protect the people from thugs crossing the border.”

Bella’s father, Arthur Moscato, told school board members during a heated meeting that he was “incensed” over the alleged incident.

Mr. Moscato and wife, Valerie Moscato, liken the situation to censorship are demanding an apology.

“My daughter has every right to pick a hero of her choice,” mom Valerie said.

“It’s her First Amendment right, freedom of speech, freedom of expression … so it was really upsetting to me that [the teacher] was trying to shut her down.”

The Sachem Central School District superintendent Dr. Kenneth Graham disputes the girl’s version of events, however.

“It is not accurate that this student was told that they were not allowed to conduct research or report on any individual for a school assignment, including President Trump,” Graham said in a statement.

“To the best of our knowledge, by choice, the student is still conducting their project of President Trump.”

Graham’s statement prompted more anger from the Moscatos.

“My story was said to be unaccurate [sic] by you,” Arthur Moscato said during the school board meeting.

“My story was not unaccurate [sic]. My daughter didn’t lie.”

Evidently, it wasn’t long before Bella’s story reached the White House.

According to a tweet posted by her mother, Bella received a letter from her hero President Trump thanking her for her “heartfelt and longstanding support.”

“I was honored to learn that you selected me as your hero for a school project,” President Trump wrote in the letter.

“Your heartfelt and longstanding support means a great deal to me.

“I am proud of you for standing up for yourself. Everyone deserves to receive the same care and respect we give ourselves,” he continued.

“I encourage you to always be yourself and keep making your voice heard.

“There is no one else like you, and our country’s bright future relies upon your leadership!”

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