1600 Dead Pittsburgh Residents Registered to Vote in 2020 Election, Court Docs Show

1600 Dead Pittsburgh Residents Registered to Vote in 2020 Election, Court Docs Show

Lawsuit filed against Allegheny County, Pennsylvania reveals 1,583 deceased voters

Almost 1,600 dead people in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania are registered to the 2020 election, according to documents filed in a lawsuit against the county.

The suit was filed against Allegheny County, where Pittsburgh is located, by The Public Interest Legal Foundation.

The county’s alleged ineffectiveness in cleaning up their voter rolls is responsible for the high number of deceased voters, according to the court filings.

The lawsuit claims there are about 1,583 dead people still on the county voter rolls:

The Foundation reviewed birthdates from a portion of the County’s voter registration list against records in the Social Security Death Index.

After matching other biographical information, the Foundation found 1,583 deceased registrants whose registrations should have been canceled, yet they remain actively registered to vote in the County. [Emphasis added]

Similarly, the lawsuit claims there are close to 7,500 voter registrations that have been flagged as duplicates but that remain on the voter rolls, according to Breitbart.

In one case, the lawsuit claims, an individual registered to vote up to seven times in one day while out of state.

Other individuals, the lawsuit claims, have registered to vote three to four times. Likewise, the lawsuit alleges that there are 1,523 registered voters who claim to be 100-years-old and over — nearly 50 of which have listed the 1800s as their birth years.

“One registrant is stated as being born in ‘June 1800,’ the same year Thomas Jefferson won eight of Pennsylvania’s 15 Electoral College votes against President John Adams,” the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit claims there are 1,178 registered voters who are missing dates of births in Allegheny County, about 193 registered voters who are missing dates of registration, and 35 registered voters with corrupted or out-of-state addresses.

Officials with the Public Interest Legal Foundation are looking to ensure that Allegheny County makes reasonable efforts to maintain their voter rolls, as required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

The news comes as concerns mount over voter integrity in the run-up to the presidential election in November.

In 2018, four members of a voter fraud ring were arrested in Texas after they were caught rigging the votes for Democratic candidates ahead of the 2016 primary elections.

The all-female gang was apprehended in October 2018 following a federal investigation.

Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office called the illegal operation an “organized voter fraud ring” in Fort Worth, designed to swing elections in favor of Democrats.

Paxton’s office said the voter fraud charges involve mail-in ballots sent in ahead of the 2016 primary election in Texas, with elderly voters on the north side of Fort Worth being the prime target of the ring.

Four people were indicted in the case – Leticia Sanchez, Leticia Sanchez Tepichin, Maria Solis and Laura Parra — after being charged with 30 felony counts of voter fraud, according to a statement from the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

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