40% of Millennials Don’t Know Jesus is the Baby in the Nativity Story

40% of Millennials Don’t Know Jesus is the Baby in the Nativity Story

Some believe Santa Clause is associated with the virgin birth in Bethlehem

The new generation of millennials are not just offended by traditional aspects of Christmas, two out of five of them are not even aware that the baby in the Nativity story is Jesus.

Many millennials have become so detached from the underlying Christian story of Christmas, some even believe that Santa Clause is associated with the virgin birth in Bethlehem, according to a new survey.

The survey revealed that a huge 39 percent did not know Jesus was involved in the nativity at all, despite the story being centered around his birth, according to the poll which interviewed 2,000 British millennials between ages 21 and 38.

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A further 37 percent didn’t have a clue who Mary and Joseph were, while six percent said they thought Santa was a character in the Nativity.

When it came to knowing what gifts the three wise men brought Jesus – gold, frankincense, and myrrh – hardly any recognized with less than 10 percent successfully naming all of them.

And just 51 percent knew who the Angel Gabriel was.

Millennial Craig Munro said: ‘Of course I know about Jesus and Joseph and Mary, although I’m not too sure what the three wise men were doing or the Angel Gabriel for that matter.

‘It is shocking that some people in my age group don’t know the story of the nativity, but time moves on, and some traditions go out of the window I suppose.’

When asked what they would replace the donkey that carried Jesus and Mary, 10 percent said a unicorn, with 15 percent said three wise women should replace the three wise men.

Some 22 percent of millennials said they y wouldn’t even celebrate Christmas on December 25, opting for dinner on Boxing day or Christmas Eve.

The study revealed that one-in-five millennials were preparing to stay sober over the festive period, according to Hotels.com

Twenty percent of millennials will be dumping their families and opting to spend Christmas Day with their friends, and one-in-five said they would not do any cooking on the day.

When it comes to festive frivolities:

25 percent said they would be wearing festive nails
Twelve percent of people said they would put glitter in their beards.

When asked what they wanted for Christmas:

22 percent said a new iPhone
12 percent said Bitcoin 
10 percent a selfie stick
8 percent wanted beard oil
7 percent Uber vouchers

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