91-Year-Old’s Interview Describing COVID-19 Vaccine Experience​ Goes Viral

91-Year-Old’s Interview Describing COVID-19 Vaccine Experience​ Goes Viral

‘No point dying now, is there?’

A 91-year-old British gentleman from London delivered a “charming, grumpy” description of his experience taking the coronavirus vaccine.

Kenyon was one of the first to receive the vaccine in the United Kingdom.

“No point dying now, is there?” he told CNN.

On Tuesday, the U.K began administering a COVID-19 vaccine, which was “developed by U.S. drugmaker Pfizer and Germany’s BioNTech,” ABC News reported.

A CNN correspondent asked Kenyon if he had “perhaps” received the shot.

Kenyon returned with an earful of what he experienced.

He explained he called the hospital that morning to ask about vaccination, which they confirmed they could schedule an appointment the same day.

“Of course, I couldn’t find anybody to damn well park my car, so I was late,” Kenyon explained, recalling they served “a rather nasty lunch” before he was called in to take the jab.

Kenyon was then asked how he felt to be one of the first to receive the vaccine.

“I don’t think I feel about it at all, except that I hope I’m not going to have the bloody bug, now,” he responded.


He added:

“I don’t intend to have it because I have granddaughters, and I want to live a long time to enjoy their lives.”

He added that he has not been able to see his granddaughters much, but “now I’m going to hug them for Christmas.”

The CNN correspondent pointed to Kenyon’s new vaccination card, which said he would be safe 21 days after his inoculation.

Kenyon explained, “Well, there’s no point in dying now, when I have lived this long, is there? I don’t plan to, anyway.”

Politico’s Ben White summed up the reactions in a tweet:

“I just love that this charming, grumpy Londoner is there to talk about a giant world-changing vaccine and he really just wants to whinge about parking and bad food. Classic.”

The news comes just weeks after the UK Government began pushing a new scheme offering Brits a “normal life” by awarding them with a “freedom pass” for passing a COVID-19 test twice every week.

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