Actor Jim Carrey Describes Trump Supporters As ‘Worse Than Animals’

Actor Jim Carrey Describes Trump Supporters As ‘Worse Than Animals’

The rant has offended many trump supporters who effectively voted for Trump’s policies

Actor Jim Carrey has slammed President Donald Trump’s immigration policy in a Twitter post describing the behavior as “worse than animals.”

The rant has offended many trump supporters who effectively voted for Trump’s policies.

One Twitter user said, ” I support these policies, but I’m no animal.”

“We sit by as children are slaughtered by the hundreds in their classrooms, taken from their refugee parents and locked in cages,” Carrey wrote on Twitter.

“We treat them like animals because we’re worse than animals: we’re Donald Trump’s Americans,” Carrey ranted. “If this wickedness goes on our fate will be a cruel one.”

Breitbart reports: Carrey’s artwork appears to show a young boy being taken away by a larger, more powerful authority as he declares: “I want my mommy.”

The Dumb and Dumber star’s latest Trump-bashing post comes as law enforcement agencies continue to crack down on illegal immigrants, a process that has led to some children being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The piece is merely the latest in Carrey’s growing collection of political artwork, the majority of which targets President Donald Trump, Republicans, or conservative causes.

Last week, Carrey depicted First Lady Melania Trump as a mindless captive as she recovered from a kidney operation that forced her to temporarily withdraw from public events.

The 56-year-old comedian, who acting career has stalled of late after appearing in two consecutive box office flops, remains one of Hollywood’s most outspoken critics against the Trump administration.

Last year, he claimed that his policies are pushing America toward “suffering beyond all imagination.”

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