African Migrant Gang Converted Italian Church into Drug Trafficking Headquarters

African Migrant Gang Converted Italian Church into Drug Trafficking Headquarters

Migrants arrested in Rome took over building for heroin smuggling operation HQ

A gang of African migrants has been arrested in Rome after their drug trafficking operation was foiled by Italian police.

The group of five men had hijacked a functioning church as a headquarters for their operation that was importing heroin into Italy.

The gang of military-aged migrant men – four from the Gambia and one from Mali – was using the church in Rome’s Torre Angela district on Via Delle Amazzoni as a base to stash and traffic large amounts of drugs.

After observing that large numbers of mainly Nigerian churchgoers visited the church on weekends, the criminals commandeered the building to use for their illegal operation, according to a recent report from Il Giornale.

When Italian police officers raided the church this week, members of the migrant drug gang tried to hide about one kilogram of heroin.

Other members violently attacked the police officers in an attempt to stop them from gaining entry into the building and seizing the drugs. 

Following the tussle with the drug dealing migrants, the Italian officers were ultimately able to restrain them.

Police discovered two of the gang members in the bathroom of the church who were frantically trying to hide some of the heroin that they had been selling to the community.

Currently, the young men are in the custody of the Italian police and security forces.

In addition to being charged with heroin trafficking charges, the migrant men will also face charges of assaulting police and resisting arrest.

In the last few years alone, migrant drug dealers have been involved in a number of high profile cases in Italy, including the disgustingly barbaric murders of Italian teens Desirée Mariottini and Pamela Mastropietro.

Italy’s national populist interior minister and deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini hasn’t shied away from expressing his feelings about migrant drug dealers.

In the past, he’s often advocated for the swift expulsion of criminal migrants from the country.

Last Spring, after a so-called asylum seeker from Pakistan was arrested with a large of heroin packaged for sale, Salvini took to Twitter, saying: 

“A Pakistani ‘asylum-seeker’ has been arrested, caught in Pesaro by the police with 180 doses of heroin! DISGUSTING!

“All-out war on death dealers! #zerotolerance, get these delinquents OUT of Italy!!!”

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