Alabama GOP to Award Trump Framed Resolution: ‘One of Greatest Presidents in History’

Alabama GOP to Award Trump Framed Resolution: ‘One of Greatest Presidents in History’

‘Trump accomplished more in 48 months than Biden did in 48 years’

Donald Trump will be presented with a framed copy of a resolution, passed by the Alabama Republican Party, declaring him as “one of the greatest and most effective” presidents in the history of the United States.

Perry Hooper Jr., a former state representative and a member of the state party’s executive committee, said:

“The resolution, basically, it just talks about the greatness of Donald J. Trump, how he made America great again, and I hope other states will follow suit.”

A framed copy of the resolution was given to Trump at a reception at Mar-a-Lago, Florida, on Saturday evening.

The resolution calls Trump “one of the greatest and most effective presidents in the 245-year history of this Republic,” listing his groundbreaking achievements while in office.

“It’s just recognizing him for all the great things he has done for America for bringing back American manufacturing, cutting taxes, creating best economy ever, building up our military,” Hooper said.

It also notes Trump’s handling of coronavirus vaccine distribution as “one of the most important feats in medical history.”

Alabama GOP Resolution by Fox News

It also cites low employment rates and Supreme Court picks.

The resolution also claims Trump “accomplished more in 48 months than Joe Biden did in 48 years as a senator and vice-president.”

Hooper said he would go a step further and say Trump was the best president ever.

“He’s just done so many great things,” he said.

“I was a kid when Reagan was elected, and I thought nobody would top the great things Ronald Reagan did but then comes along Donald J Trump and in my opinion, he’s not just one of the great presidents, he is the greatest president we’ve had in America.”

The resolution signals massive support for Trump from the conservative and Republican Party base.

Trump won the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll in Florida, with attendees saying they would vote for him in 2024.

Hooper said he was speaking for many Americans who voted for the 45th president in 2020.

“We love him in Alabama, America loves him, and he got 75 million votes for a reason, and I’m speaking basically for 75 million people in America,” he said.

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