Alex Jones Confronts CNN RAT Oliver Darcy for Lobbying Conservative Censorship

Alex Jones Confronts CNN RAT Oliver Darcy for Lobbying Conservative Censorship

Infowars founder challenges cowardly reporter who lobbied big tech to shut him down

Treacherous CNN reporter Oliver Darcy, who lobbies tirelessly for Big Tech to shut down conservative voices, was confronted face-to-face by Infowars founder Alex Jones on his direct efforts to silence his outlet.

The quiver in the cowardly reporter’s ballsack could be felt from miles around as the keyboard warrior, who is typically very outspoken about his disdain for Jones and Infowars, remained deadly silent during the confrontation.

Darcy, a senior media reporter for CNN, has spent the last six months pushing internet giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter into shutting down independent media companies with a different political perspective than his own.

The hate-filled rat is also known to share posts on his official Twitter account for the anti-American, Geroge Soros-funded left-wing group, that poses as a media watchdog, Media Matters.


According to Infowars, the incident occurred outside a hearing on Big Tech censorship at which Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg gave testimony.

“You are incredibly shameful,” Jones told Darcy, adding, “You are literally an anti-American, anti-free speech coward.”

Jones accused Darcy of working for the “Criminal News Network” and lying by claiming there was no censorship of conservatives, when he had been pushing it for months.

Darcy had little to say and looked like he was about to cry throughout the encounter.

CNN’s senior media reporter denied that he had any role in lobbying Big Tech to shut down Infowars, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

Back in February, Darcy began abusing his CNN platform to lobby YouTube to shut down the Alex Jones Show, an effort that was almost successful at the time, before the channel finally was shut down last month.

Darcy then switched his attention to Facebook, attending a Facebook event and asking executives from the social media site, “Why Infowars is still allowed on the platform.”

Shortly after Darcy repeatedly demanded to know why Infowars was not banned, Facebook suspended Alex Jones’ personal account and then deleted the official Alex Jones page as well as other Infowars pages altogether.

Not content with YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify banning Jones completely, Darcy kept up the pressure, demanding to know why Twitter had only slapped Jones with a 7-day ban.

Darcy’s campaign to have Infowars banned even led some commentators to speculate that CNN’s senior media reporter had a creepy obsession with Alex Jones.

Darcy tweeted about the encounter, commenting, “Alex Jones is currently yelling at me.”

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