Anonymous Vows to Expose and ‘Destroy’ QAnon

Anonymous Vows to Expose and ‘Destroy’ QAnon

Hacking collective releases video threatning to reveal Q’s identity

Hacking group Anonymous has released a new video in which they vow to expose and “destroy” QAnon.

The infamous collective of hackers, best known for their use of Guy Fawkes masks to conceal their identity, has vowed to publically reveal the true identity of White House leaker Q.

In the 3-minute long video, Anonymous claims to have no political agenda, yet bizarrely appears to attack Donald Trump and claims that Q’s followers are “throwing around” “crazy conspiracy theories” about elite pedophile rings.

The hackers also claim that QAnon uses “bizarre conspiracy theories” to cover up Trump’s “Russia connections.”

For a group with “no political allegiance,” the message in their latest video feels extremely anti-conservative.


The Hill reports: The anarchist hacking group slammed the QAnon conspiracy as potentially dangerous and driven by a “brainless political agenda” in a video posted Sunday to what is widely considered the most reliable Anonymous Twitter account.

“We will not sit idly by while you take advantage of the misinformed and poorly educated,” the group said in the video, which was posted with the hashtags #OpQ and #OpQAnon.

The video depicts various figures with Anonymous masks acting out certain aspects of the QAnon conspiracy against a constant backdrop of the letter “Q.” 

The video claims that Anonymous “knew who was responsible for Q” and thought it was funny at first.

However, the group now believes the conspiracy theory has gone too far. 

“Someone is going to get hurt, so we have to put our foot down and start some shit with you all,” the group said in the video.

QAnon shifted into the spotlight after numerous attendees at President Trump‘s rally in Florida last week held Q-shaped cutouts and posters alluding to the conspiracy theory.

The wide-ranging and vague “QAnon” touches on a number of popular conspiracy theories: Democrats and prominent Hollywood figures are orchestrating underground pedophile rings; special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is a front for investigating 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former President Obama for their ties to said rings; and hundreds of sealed indictments may have already been handed down in the Clinton case.

The theory was started by a person on the message board 4chan last year claiming to be a high-ranking security official in the Trump administration.

The individual or individuals goes by the identity of “Q” and has continued to fan the theory on online platforms.

A number of conservative figures have pushed back against the conspiracy theory on Twitter in recent days, including Michael Flynn Jr., the son of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and former White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Anonymous has been adamantly opposed to Trump since he announced his candidacy in 2015.

The group declared “cyber war” on Trump in March 2016, directing its followers to take down the then-candidate’s websites.

This most recent video certainly raises further questions about the group’s true motive.

For a collective that is essentially “anonymous” but with an instantly recognizable brand, how easy would it be for well-funded bad actors to hijack the hackers’ “identity” and use it to promote shady politics?

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