Antifa Attacks Black Conservative Activist Calling Her A ’White Supremacist’

Antifa Attacks Black Conservative Activist Calling Her A ’White Supremacist’

Candice Owens, along with activists Charlie Kirk, where attacked in street by protesters

Notable black conservative activist Candice Owens was attacked by George Soros funded Antifa protestors at a Philadelphia coffee shop on Monday morning who accused her of being a “white  supremacist.” 

Candice, along with fellow activist Charlie Kirk, both known for organizing conservative student activist events with the group Turning Point USA, faced a barrage of abuse as they left the coffee shop in Philadelphia.

Owens an Kirk were screamed at by Antifa protesters who seemed completely unhinged and bordering on ‘violent’ as they left the coffee shop.

The two activists, who are the emerging faces of young conservatism, captured the footage which was then shared on Owen’s Twitter account.

The video shows the two getting drinks dumped on them as the leftists scream “‘No More White Supremacy” – many of them had their faces covered.

[embedded content]

ePilTU7pFiSikw7l from Neon Nettle on Vimeo.

The footage clearly shows one of the protesters dumping his drink on Kirk.

At one point you can see the protesters screaming in their faces.

Owens recently responded to New York Times‘ controversial decision to stand by their ‘open bigot’ employee, Sarah Jeong, who openly expressed how much she hates white people, by carrying out a ‘thought experiment by replacing the word “white with “black.”

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