Antifa Makes Threats to Murder Trump, Secret Service Investigating

Antifa Makes Threats to Murder Trump, Secret Service Investigating

Soros funded protest group makes violent threats to the President

Multiple members from the George Soros funded Antifa protest group have threatened President Trump with murder as the gathered outside the White House, the secret service are now investigating. 

Following the threats from the violent leftist group, the Secret Service confirmed to The Daily Caller they are now “aware” and are “investigating” the so-called ‘progressive’ protesters.

“The Secret Service is aware of the incident,” a Secret Service spokesperson said.

The spokesperson then added that no further comment could be made to “protective intelligence investigations” as a matter of policy.

While the majority of those involved in the Sunday protest marched under banners of “Peace” while chanting “Love, not hate.

That’s what makes America Great,” the protest was peppered with anarchists, black bloc thugs and armed, masked Antifa members.

When asked, “If Donald Trump showed up here, what would you say or do?” the answers regularly and voluntarily veered to violence. Protesters looked into the camera and threatened to physically harm or “murder the president.”

One said they wanted to “do him like Gaddafi” in reference to the Libyan leader that was dragged into the street, beaten and murdered by his own people.

Another wanted to “piss” on Trump and “beat his ass.

 Yet another protester bluntly said he would “murder Trump for the American people.”

Breitbart reports: According to the website, the Antifa side of the equation has purposes far beyond responding to the Unite the Right 2 demonstration set to take place on the Charlottesville, Va. rally anniversary on Sunday at Lafayette Park across from the White House.

The National Park Service has issued a permit to Jason Kessler for his Unite the Right 2rally from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the park and its website has a list of instructions, including warning people not to bring weapons and to resist taunts from “provocateurs.”

The permit states that as many as 400 people may show up for the event, which has a stated purpose, according to the permit, of promoting “white civil rights.”

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