Antifa Thug Fired from Job After Attacking 9/11 Widow in Viral Video

Antifa Thug Fired from Job After Attacking 9/11 Widow in Viral Video

Protester fired fro his data specialist role at Self Enhancement, Inc

An Antifa thug who verbally attacked an alleged 9/11 widow at a flash “Law and Order” demonstration has been fired from his job, according to Self Enhancement, Inc.

The activist who was attending an anti-police protest has been identified as a former data specialist at Self Enhancement, Inc.

Steve Wilson screamed at the woman that the NYPD was “a bunch of sodomizers, f***ing sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks” and said her husband should “f***ing rot in the grave.”

As Neon Nettle reported last week:

“You’re a f–king snarky, little f–king idiot,” the man shot back. “So shut the f–k up.”

“Try somethin, b–ch,” the woman responded.

“I’m not, I’m not going to punch you, I’m not like your husband, I’m not going to punch you,” the man replied.

“I’m not married,” the woman answered.

“I’m not like your boyfriend or your cop boyfriend who is going to f–king knock you out, so don’t worry,” the man said.

The woman turned around and pointed at her NYPD hat, saying, “My husband died on 9/11.”

“Good for him,” the man responded. “Good, good. NYPD was a bunch of sodomizers, f–king sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks.”

“So yeah, your husband, should probably f–king rot in the grave.”

Self Enhancement, Inc made a public statement about their former employee’s actions on Saturday before condemning Wilson and announcing his firing.

“Steve Wilson is no longer an employee of SEI. His behavior does not represent the values of our organization or the high expectations that we have for our employees,” the company wrote in a tweet.

Wilson is also known as SalvadOrwell Wilson on Facebook, his profile describes him as “Data Specialist at Self Enhancement Inc.” underemployment.

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