AOC Warns Dems Trump Heading For Reagan Style Landslide Victory in November

AOC Warns Dems Trump Heading For Reagan Style Landslide Victory in November

AOC warns president could prevail again this fall

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warned if Democrats don’t “wake up,” President Donald Trump could be in for 1980s Reagan-style landslide in November.

Speaking at Bernie Sanders’ rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan, AOC discussed Rev. Jesse Jackson’s decision to endorse the Vermont senator.

Ocasio-Cortez then drew parallels between Jackson’s attempt to build a coalition in the 1980s to defeat Reagan and the Sanders’ and the Democrats’ push to win against Trump.

“In 1984, Reverent Jackson delivered a speech, known as the ‘David and Goliath speech,’” Ocasio-Cortez told the rally crowd.

“Now, listen to this, this was his analysis back then in 1984 that Reagan won, not by genius, he won while we were asleep,” she continued.

“‘He won by the margin of despair,’” AOC said.

“‘He won by the fracture of our coalition, by the margin of racial division,” she added.

“He won by default.’ Does that sound familiar, Michigan?”

AOC seemed to reference Trump’s victory in 2016 while warning the president could prevail again this fall like Reagan in the 1980s.

Jackson — in his January 1984 “David and Goliath speech” said that Reagan’s blowout win against Jimmy Carter in 1980 was due to apathy on the part of the democrats.

Last year, economic models already predicted a landslide victory for Trump.

The same models that predicted Trump soaring to victory in 2016 when all polls pointed to a Hillary Clinton win are now all pointing to the same prediction for the next general election:

“President Donald Trump will blow out the challengers in 2020 and win the election in a landslide.”

To even the most casual observer, that’s hardly a surprising prediction, especially with the choice of a contender is between Joe Biden and Bernie sanders.

Ever since he took office, he’s been fighting off unfounded allegations of collusion, obstruction of justice or corruption, that have never materialized and have only ever revealed corruption from the other side.

While the left is focused on their anti-Trump campaigns, they are missing the glaringly obvious.

In essence, Donald Trump has been crushing it as president, and the Democrats don’t have a single candidate capable of beating him.

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