Archbishop Decries Christian Genocide in Nigeria As Media Remains Silent

Archbishop Decries Christian Genocide in Nigeria As Media Remains Silent

Archbishop Matthew Man-oso Ndagoso described how Christians are being killed like chickens

A Nigerian archbishop has condemned the mass genocide of Christians in his country and the media silence on the issue.

Archbishop Matthew Man-oso Ndagoso described how Christians are being killed like chickens” in his country.

Speaking to LifeSiteNews, Man-oso Ndagoso said that the Muslim-dominated northwest, people are living in constant fear, especially int he states the state of Kaduna where he lives.

“It is one of the states where everybody walks around afraid. There are kidnappers and bandits, and they are killing people. Villages are being burned down,” Archbishop Ndagoso said.

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“In other parts of the country, if something happens, the president shows up. But here people are being killed, and nothing is being done about it,” he said.

Ndagoso said there is “systemic persecution of Christians in these states.”

He added the nation’s leaders “do not have the political will to address the issues, to enforce the provisions of the constitution regarding the equality of religions and the equality of citizens before the law.”

Last month, Neon Nettle reported that dozens of Christians were slaughtered by Muslim militants in Nigeria, yet the mainstream media have entirely ignored the massacre.

The news shows from the three major television channels did not mention the story, and nor did CNN or MSNBC.

There are several possible explanations for this remarkable silence, and none of them is good.

Since October 2018, the archbishop says, “there have been serious attacks in villages especially in my archdiocese of Kaduna. Hundreds and hundreds of villagers have been killed.”

“This conflict has led to attacks and the burning of so many villages,” he said.

“I can tell you that between January and now, more than ten villages that are mostly Christian have been burned and destroyed.

“There are thousands and thousands of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in villages around the area whom we are looking after.”

Ironically, Nigeria’s constitution provides ‘freedom of religion’ and the equality of everyone before the law.

But Ndagoso noted “Christians in these northwest states where Muslims command the majority are not taken seriously. Their rights are not respected, because they are only tolerated, not treated as equals.”

There is now an atmosphere of fear among Christians int he country, the archbishop admitted.

“Many villages have been burned, many hundreds of people have been killed, and yet we do not have any rest,” he said.

“Right now, as I am talking to you,” Ndagoso added, “the rainy season has come, and villagers who provide food for us are afraid to go to their farms because they will be kidnapped because they will be killed.”

“So I do actually fear that if nothing happens between now and the next two months when people are supposed to be planting, and they don’t go to their farm, only God knows what will happen to us next year in terms of food security,” he said.

“These are things the international community needs to talk about,” he said.

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