Archbishop Who Called for Pope Francis to Resign Now in Hiding

Archbishop Who Called for Pope Francis to Resign Now in Hiding

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò alleged Pope Francis covered up sexual abuse

An Archbishop who wrote an explosive letter last year calling for Pope Francis to resign on the grounds he knew about Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sexual abuse, is now in hiding.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò alleged Francis covered for McCarrick and claimed he repealed sanctions imposed by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI in the late 2000s, despite Viganò telling the Pope about the abuse.

But after Viganò published his letter, he turned off his phone, told friends he was disappearing and is now at an undisclosed location.

Almost a year later, Viganò refused still refuses to disclose his location or shed light on his self-imposed exile.

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But Viganò comments reveal his stance on Pope Francis is still the same.

According to the corresponding emails between Viganò and The Washington Post, he maintains his criticism on Francis saying “it is immensely sad” that the pope was “blatantly lying to the whole world to cover up his wicked deeds.”

The Vatican did not give much official response to Viganò.

Pope Francis was silent about McCarrick’s homosexual abuse until last month where he told a Mexican reporter Valentina Alazraki in an interview released by Vatican News.

“About McCarrick, I knew nothing, obviously, nothing, nothing,” the pope said.

Viganò claimed he informed Francis that McCarrick had “corrupted generations of seminarians and priests.”

“How could anybody, especially a pope, forget this?” Viganò wrote to The Post.

Viganò added that he has become “more careful about whom I meet and what I say.”

He said questions about him were “irrelevant to the serious problems facing the Church.”

“My life is quite normal, thank you for asking,” he wrote.

In response to questions about where he was living, Viganò replied, “n/a,” which suggests he believes his safety is under threat.

He added he was an “old man” who “will be appearing in front of the Good Judge before too long.”

Viganò was two years into his retirement before he wrote the letter, and at 78 years old, he said, “My silence would make me complicit with the abusers, and lead to yet more victims.”

Viganò’s letter focused on McCarrick, which lifted the veil of corruption and abuse in the Catholic church.

According to a source affiliated with the Institute of the Incarnate Word seminary, Cardinal Donald Wuerl was fully aware of allegations against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick but continued to assist in his luxury lifestyle.

A source who is familiar with McCarrick’s abuse case spoke with anonymity claiming that Wuerl was informed of the investigation of McCarrick ‘s alleged sexual abuse in New York in 2017.

Meanwhile, the seminary had assigned seminarians to live with McCarrick as his aides and take him on various trips, including ones to the casino.

Viganò sais the “truth will eventually come out” for Francis as it did for Cardinal Donald Wuerl.

Viganò has become a revered symbol for traditional Catholics.

“He’s certainly acquired a solid moral leadership in the Catholic world,” said Virginia Coda Nunziante, president of Italy’s March for Life committee.

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