ASSAD: ‘Donald Trump Isn’t In Control Of America, THE DEEP STATE IS’

ASSAD: ‘Donald Trump Isn’t In Control Of America, THE DEEP STATE IS’

Syrian leader says the Agenda is to create conflict with Russia

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said in an interview that meeting with Donald Trump would “pointless” because the Deep State, not the president, is in control of the US. 

Assad went on to note that the deep state’s agenda is to create a conflict with Russia.

The exclusive interview with Athens daily Kathimerini revealed Assad’s position on meeting face to face with Trump, concluding that the US president “says something today, and does the opposite tomorrow,” and is likely not to be in control of policy decisions.

“[W]e don’t think the president of that regime is in control,” Assad said referring to Trump.

“We all believe that the deep state, the real state, is in control or is in control of every president, and that is nothing new. It has always been so in the United States, at least during the last 40 years, at least since Nixon, maybe before, but it’s becoming starker and starker, and the starkest case is Trump.”

False flags

Assad called out the West by saying whenever Syria is close to beating ISIS, they’re efforts are stifled by a false flag attack on Syria.

Speaking to the state media outlet SANA, Assad claimed that the chemical attack had nothing to do with him, but was orchestrated by Western forces seeking to overthrow the Syrian government.

“Whenever the Syrian army achieves victory in the field, some western countries rise their voices and intensify their movements in an attempt to change the track of events.”

RT reports: Assad also dismissed the possibility of a third world war breaking out in Syria, telling the Greek newspaper that Moscow’s levelheadedness has so far prevented a catastrophic escalation – even as the US aims to expand the conflict.

Asked directly if he was concerned about the possibility of a third world war, Assad replied:

“No, for one reason: Because fortunately, you have a wise leadership in Russia, and they know that the agenda of the deep state in the United States is to create a conflict. Since Trump’s campaign, the main agenda was against Russia, create a conflict with Russia, humiliate Russia, undermine Russia, and so on,” the Syrian president said.

Assad ended the interview by vowing to reunify Syria and restore its sovereignty, adding that the US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are ultimately responsible for the seven-year war and must be held accountable for supporting “terrorists” fighting in Syria.

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