Australian News: ‘Pelosi Almost as Incoherent as Biden’

Australian News: ‘Pelosi Almost as Incoherent as Biden’

”Typical Democrat: ‘Forget genocide in China… let’s focus on climate change”’

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continues her disastrous official UK trip, a major Australian news outlet slammed the California Democrat as “almost as incoherent as Biden.”

Sky News Australia was reporting on remarks made by Pelosi during an appearance in Cambridge, UK.

During her rambling statements, Pelosi appeared to brush aside several major global issues – such as the Biden-triggered crisis in Afghanistan plus genocide in China and mounting Chinese aggression toward more vulnerable nations.

After playing a clip of Pelosi’s comments, host Peta Credlin accused the Democrat leader of downplaying key issues to focus on “climate change.”

“That astounds me, you know,” Credlin said.

“It’s typical Democrat, though: ‘Forget this genocide, forget that genocide, forget the loss of life over here… It’s all about climate change’.”

Responding to the House speaker’s slurring remarks, Credlin’s guest, The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan, slammed Pelosi as “incoherent.”

“Pelosi is almost as incoherent as Biden,” he said after watching the clip.


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Pelosi is currently in the United Kingdom to attend a G7 summit in Lancashire.

As Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Pelosi was invited to the 20th G7 Speakers’ Meeting in Northern England.

She joined the British Commons Speaker Lindsey Hoyle in his hometown of Chorley, Lancashire.

Pelosi, along with other Speakers and Presiding Officers from G7 nations, attended Astley Hall in Chorley to discuss issues facing their parliaments.

However, the event was a humiliating experience for Pelosi as demonstrators gathered outside the venue to heckle her as she arrived and toured the grounds.

As Neon Nettle was first to report, angry protesters shouted at Pelosi, telling her to “go home!” 

In the video obtained by Neon Nettle, protesters can be heard screaming through a megaphone as Pelosi made her way through the grounds at Astley Hall.


“You’re not welcome here!” the crowd can be heard yelling.

“We all know Trump won!” others repeatedly shouted.

“The whole world knows you’re a fraud, Trump won!”

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