Bernie Sanders: ‘Political Establishment’ Trying to Stop Me, Boost Biden

Bernie Sanders: ‘Political Establishment’ Trying to Stop Me, Boost Biden

Presidential candidate accuses Democrats of trying to derail his campaign

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders accused the ‘political establishment’ of conspiring to “derail” his campaign in a message to his supporters during a fundraising plea Tuesday evening.

The socialist Vermont senator wrote in an email titled “We need a lot of donations today,” said the establishment had chosen Joe Biden as their candidate.

“The political establishment has chosen their candidate. It’s Joe Biden,” the email reads.

“And they’re lining up behind him in an effort to derail our momentum in this race.”

Sanders has become increasingly vocal about what appears to be a coup against his campaign.

Earlier in the day, the Sanders campaign released a memo outlining its battle plan against Biden going forward.

The memo reads:

“However, with Biden bankrolled by a super PAC and boosted by billionaire donors, the primary is far from over. We are now entering the phase of the primary in which the differences between Bernie and Biden will take center stage.”

“These differences make clear that the choice between these two candidates is stark — it is a choice between the party’s core economic and social justice agenda, and the Washington establishment’s agenda that aims to protect and enrich the wealthy and well-connected.

“The differences also spotlight how Bernie’s agenda is a far more popular general election agenda than Biden’s.”

On Tuesday, Sanders was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper whether the nomination was being taken away from him by the Democratic Party.

“President Trump questioned last night the timing of Buttigieg’s withdrawal, tweeting in part, ‘this is the real beginning of the Dems taking Bernie out of play, no nomination again,” Cooper stated.

“He also tweeted again this afternoon, ‘they are staging a coup against’ you,” Cooper pointed out.

But Sanders refused to answer the question, instead opting to attack President Donald Trump.

Trump has frequently accused Democrats of plotting to take the nomination away from Sanders again.

The President alleged the delay of the impeachment process was intended to disrupt campaign Sanders by bogging him down in the Senate trial during the Iowa caucuses.

Last year, Sanders referred to his election loss to Hillary Clinton in 2016 by arguing that the system was rigged.

“No, some people say that if maybe that system was not rigged against me, I would have won the nomination and defeated Donald Trump,” Sanders said after being asked whether or not he hurt Clinton’s candidacy.

“That’s what some people say.”

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