Biden Advisor Snaps: MSNBC Calls Out ‘Overpriced’ Healthcare Funding in Relief Bill

Biden Advisor Snaps: MSNBC Calls Out ‘Overpriced’ Healthcare Funding in Relief Bill

‘How is that a good use of that money?’

A top Biden advisor didn’t take too well to tough questions from MSNBC regarding the healthcare provision in the stimulus bill passed by Democrats.

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan challenged him on “inefficient, overpriced” healthcare provision.

Hasan pressed Cedric Richmond on why they provided $35 billion to support COBRA health care benefits for 2 million unemployed people, rather than paying for a universal healthcare system.

“How is that a good use of that money?” asked Hasan.

“$35 billion subsidizing insurance companies for six months, wouldn’t that money be better invested towards building universal healthcare in this country?”

“Well, clearly, you have health insurance right now!” Richmond snapped.

“You ought to pose that to people who have lost their job through no fault of their own, that has lost their health insurance, and they need a bridge so that they stay with insurance,” Richmond fired back at Hasan.


“It’s very easy for people to make judgment calls when they’re not in other people’s shoes, and I won’t do that.”

“I won’t put a price on lives,” Richmond added.

Richmond shouted down Hasan and argued that the COBRA funds would help those who lost their jobs and employer-provided healthcare because of the pandemic lockdowns.

“Did we rise to the moment? Yes!” Richmond continued.

“Did we spend $1.9 trillion? We did, you know why?”

“Because there was $1.9 trillion worth of problems in this country that we were trying to fix!”

Hasan said the Biden administration orchestrated a payment of billions of dollars to insurance companies instead of helping people.


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