Biden: Refusing Coronavirus Vaccine Is a ‘Macho Thing’ I Don’t Understand

Biden: Refusing Coronavirus Vaccine Is a ‘Macho Thing’ I Don’t Understand

‘Why don’t you be a patriot? Protect other people’

Joe Biden said he does not understand “this sort of macho thing” in refusing a COVID-19 vaccine.

During Wednesday’s broadcast of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Anchor George Stephanopoulos asked:

“How do you get the politics out of this vaccine talk?”

Biden said:

“I, honest to God, thought that once we guaranteed, we had enough vaccine for everybody, things would start to calm down.”

“Well, they have calmed down a great deal.”

“But I just don’t understand this sort of macho thing about, ‘I’m not going to get the vaccine’,” he continued.

“I have a right as an American, my freedom to not do it.’”


“Well, why don’t you be a patriot? Protect other people.”

Stephanopoulos asked:

“How has life changed for you since he got the vaccine?”

Biden said:

“I can hug my grandkids now.”

Earlier this week, Biden threatened more “restrictions,” warning there will be things Americans “cannot do once fully vaccinated.”

During his address, Biden threatened to reinstate lockdowns if people “don’t stay vigilant.”

“Even if we devote every resource we have, beating this virus and getting back to normal depends on national unity,” Biden said during his address.

“And national unity isn’t just how … politicians vote in Washington, what the loudest voices say on cable or online.”

“Unity is what we do together as fellow Americans,” Biden said.

“Because if we don’t stay vigilant and the conditions change, then we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track, please; we don’t want to do that again.

“We’ve made so much progress.”

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