Biden Trips And Falls Three Times Boarding Air Force One – WATCH

Biden Trips And Falls Three Times Boarding Air Force One – WATCH

Biden’s health called into question amid dramatic tumble

Joe Biden appeared to have taken a tumble as he tripped and fallen three times while he was boarding Air Force One on Friday.


Biden, who is 78, did not appear to injure himself.

LA Times reporter Chris Megerian tweeted:

“After a brief stumble on the steps, President Biden is on board for his flight to Georgia”


Donald Trump has repeatedly highlighted Biden’s physical and mental health, branding him “sleepy joe,” ‘hiding’ in his basement during last year’s campaign.

Earlier this year, Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick estimated that Biden had suffered a 50 percent decline in his cognitive abilities over the past few years.

McCormick, who spent six years working with Biden while he was vice president, appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast to discuss Biden’s health in January.

Though 50 percent could be somewhat exaggerated, Biden’s mental sharpness has become a cause for concern over recent years.

Earlier in March, a video emerged of Biden becoming visibly confused before asking; “what am I doing here?” during a speech.

Biden appeared to get lost while speaking at a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) vaccination facility in Houston, Texas on Friday.


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