Bill Gates: Coronavirus Shutdown Could Last 6-10 Weeks

Bill Gates: Coronavirus Shutdown Could Last 6-10 Weeks

The billionaire spoke to a Reddit audience on Wednesday

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates claimed that the current coronavirus shutdown could last between 6 to 10 weeks, depending on how well testing goes.

The billionaire spoke to a Reddit audience on Wednesday, saying a short term shut down possible.

“This will vary a lot by country,” Gates wrote.

China is seeing very few cases now because their testing and ‘shut down’ was very effective.”

“If a country does a good job with testing and ‘shut down’ then within 6-10 weeks they should see very few cases and be able to open back up,” he added.

Gates said that the economic impact of the “shut down” will be “large,” but the economy can “eventually … open back up” if done properly.

The Microsoft founder also said that the U.S. would eventually go into lockdown, but added it should have been done sooner.

“We are going into lockdown, but as usual in retrospect [sic], we should have done it sooner,” Gates wrote.

“The sooner it is done, the easier it is to get the cases down to small numbers.”

“The testing in the US is not organized yet,” Gates wrote.

“In the next few weeks, I hope the Government fixes this by having a website you can go to to find out about home testing and kiosks.”

“Things are a bit confused on this right now. In Seattle, the U of W is providing thousands of tests per day, but no one is connected to a national tracking system.”

Gates continued:

“Whenever there is a positive test, it should be seen to understand where the disease is and whether we need to strengthen the social distancing. South Korea did a great job on this, including digital contact tracing.”

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in February committed to $100 million to help fight against the coronavirus.

“Our foundation is working with all the groups who make diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines to make sure the right efforts are prioritized,” Gates explained.

“We want to make sure all countries get access to these tools. We donated $100M in February for a variety of things, and we will be doing more.

“One priority is to make sure that there is enough manufacturing capacity for therapeutics and vaccines. We have other efforts like our education group working to make sure the online resources for students are as helpful as they can be.”

Last month, the Philanthropist warned the coronavirus could be a “once-in-a-century pathogen we’ve been worried about.”

The billionaire said in an article for the New England Journal of Medicine:

“I hope it’s not that bad, but we should assume it will be until we know otherwise.”

“There are two reasons that Covid-19 is such a threat. First, it can kill healthy adults in addition to elderly people with existing health problems,” Gates added.

Gates announced that he was stepping down from the board of directors of Microsoft last week.

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