Bill Gates Says He’s ‘Learned’ to ‘Be Careful’ Because Epstein Is ‘Dead’

Bill Gates Says He’s ‘Learned’ to ‘Be Careful’ Because Epstein Is ‘Dead’

‘Well, he’s dead, so, uhhh, you know, in general you always have to be careful…’

Billionaire Bill Gates was grilled about his past ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein during a new interview, to which he said he’s “learned” from the elite pedophile’s death that “you always have to be careful.”

On Tuesday, PBS News host Judy Woodruff pressed Gates regarding the numerous meetings he had with Epstein after the convicted sex offender had already been pleaded guilty to – and been jailed for – raping children.

Gates said he regrets the “dinners” he had with Epstein, suggesting that he had met with the now-deceased child sex trafficker on multiple occasions.

The Microsoft founder insisted that he had a years-long relationship with Epstein because he said he had contacts with people who would give to global health projects.

“It was reported that you continued to meet with him over several years, and that — in other words, a number of meetings,” Woodruff said.

“What did you do when you found out about his background?”

“What did you know about him when you were meeting with him?” Woodruff asked. 

“You know, I had dinners with him,” Gates responded.

“I regret doing that.

“He had relationships with people he said, you know, would give to global health, which is an interest I have.

“You know, not nearly enough philanthropy goes in that direction.”

“Those meetings were a mistake,” Gates added. 

“They didn’t result in what he purported and I cut them off.

“You know, that goes back a long time ago now, so there’s nothing new on that.”

Woodruff continued by confronting Gates about the “number of meetings” he had with the shady billionaire, who at the time was already found guilty of soliciting prostitution from minors. 

“Well, I have said I regretted having those dinners,” Gates responded as he visibly squirmed over the questions.

“And there’s nothing, absolutely nothing new on that.”

“Is there a lesson for you, for anyone else looking at this?” Woodruff asked Gates.

“Well, he’s dead,” Gates responded abruptly.

“So, uhhh, you know, in general, you always have to be careful,” he explained.

“And the — I’m very proud of what we have done in philanthropy, be very proud of the work of the foundation.

“That’s what I get up every day and focus on.”


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