Bishop Blows Whistle: Catholic Church is Protecting Pedophile Priests

Bishop Blows Whistle: Catholic Church is Protecting Pedophile Priests

Priests names in sexual abuse scandal are being protected in cover-up

Bishop David Zubik has blown the whistle to reveal that a large number of predator pedophile priests who were named this month are being protected by the Catholic Church and will remain in ministry.

Zubik, the Bishop of Pittsburgh, confirmed that the Vatican is attempting to cover-up the pedophilia epidemic by claiming that accusations of child abuse are “unsubstantiated.”

Earlier this month 71 priests were named as known child abusers in a bombshell report that was made public to expose the sexual abuse crisis.

A coming grand jury report is due to expose over 300 predator pedophile clergy members in the United States alone.

According to Zubik, high-level officials are working to cover-up the report before it’s released.

Zubik has confirmed that the Catholic Church is fully aware of those accused of child abuse, and is allowing them to continue in active duty, without their access to children limited.

Daily Caller reports: Once the report is released, Zubik said that he will meet with congregations whose priests are named in the report to explain why the diocese determined the allegations against them to be unsubstantiated and therefore kept them in ministry. 

“There is no priest or deacon in an assignment today against whom there was a substantiated allegation of child sexual abuse,” Zubik said, according to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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The soon to be released grand jury report, which took two years to compile, lists over 300 “predator priests” found in six dioceses in Pennsylvania.

Zubik announced August 4 that he would publicly out predator priests from his diocese named in the report once it is released.

His announcement followed similar moves from the bishops of Harrisburg and Erie, who published lists of the priests identified in their dioceses as having perpetrated abuse.

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