Black French Rapper Calls For ALL White People To Be Killed In VIRAL Video

Black French Rapper Calls For ALL White People To Be Killed In VIRAL Video

Video shows rapper torturing and killing a white male.

A famous Frech rapper has caused outrage in France after his graphic music video calling for all white people to be killed, went viral.

The rapper’s rise to fame has come with a price as many have criticised his lyrics and political viewpoints.

The viral video shows violent scenes of the rapper, Nick Conrad and another man torturing and killing a white male.

The duo then gives the man a chance to escape before shooting in him the back.

RT reports: Conrad then forces the white man to bite a kerbstone and stomps on his head, in an apparent reference to the movie American History X. The victim is later seen hanging from a post behind the rapper and his sidekicks.

The realistic footage is accompanied by equally offensive lyrics, with Conrad rapping “I go to nurseries and kill white babies” while hanging their parents “to entertain black kids of all ages.”

The video, uploaded to Youtube on September 17, reached several thousand views before being removed on Wednesday.

Clips from the video, however, are still accessible on some Youtube accounts and other sites.

The video has garnered much attention from French politicians and activist groups, who called on the authorities to remove it from the web and prosecute the author.

“He must be prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred and condemned for these ignoble and irresponsible remarks,” Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, tweeted.

The France-based International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA) also condemned the video, stating that freedom of expression was not the “freedom to call for hanging whites because of their skin color.”

“The incitement to murder in Nick Conrad’s video is despicable and unbelievably violent,” LICRA tweeted.

The President of France’s National Rally (formerly Front National) Marine Le Pen said the video was an example of “anti-white racism that no self-proclaimed expert or media speaks of.”

“There is nothing artistic about what is, pure and simple, a call for hatred and murder!” she tweeted.

The widespread outrage grabbed the eye of Parisian prosecutors, who opened an investigation into the video over suspected “public calls to commit crimes” on Wednesday.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb also took to Twitter to condemn the video, saying his service was working hard to eradicate it from the web.

Now, it’s up to the judiciary to give “appropriate treatment to these heinous calls for hatred,” he added.

Il appartiendra à l’autorité judiciaire de donner les suites appropriées à ces odieux appels à la haine.

Conrad, however, defended his “art,” saying it was actually “a message of deep love.”

The video was designed to get people thinking by “reversing the roles,” he said, claiming the footage was more profound than it looked.

“I was not looking for the buzz, this video is supposed to make you think and not stay on the surface,” the rapper told RTL. “I do not understand people who do not go in-depth.

While the “message of love” was lost on most critics, the rapper received support from controversial French comedian and political activist Dieudonné.

The comedian himself has frequently been convicted for racist and anti-Semitic comments.

Dieudonné was quick to take to social media and praise Conrad as a young man “full of talent,” who was determined to “fight against the lies of history.”

“May God preserve us from the trap of racial hatred that is only there to serve the interests of Zionism,” he wrote.

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