Black Voter Support For Trump Almost Doubles To 36%, Rasmussen Poll

Black Voter Support For Trump Almost Doubles To 36%, Rasmussen Poll

President’s African-American supporters soars

Just last week Neon Nettle reported Trumps’ Black voter approval rating hit 31% – but according to a new Rasmussen poll released on Thursday, the voter approval reached 36% nearly doubling the President’s African-American supporters.

The Rasmussen poll comes amid controversy over the alleged tape which reportedly contained Trump saying the N-word.

On Thursday Neon Nettle reported Martin Luther King’s niece came forward to reveal that Trump’s former campaign adviser and fired White House official Omarosa Manigault-Newman told her that she was smearing Trump “for the money.”

According to ZeroHedhedge: The curiously timed allegations were brought by former White House aide and apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault Newman – who was fired from the Clinton administration after being shuffled around four times.

That said, the Washington Post refutes Rasmussen’s results with a Friday article entitled “No, one-third of African Americans don’t support Trump. Not even close.”

Polling firms that have interviewed far more African Americans, and that are much more transparent than Rasmussen, all show that Trump’s black approval rating is much lower than 36 percent.

For example, Gallup has interviewed thousands of African American respondents in 2018. Its polling suggests that Trump’s black approval rating has consistently been around 10 to 15 percent through 2018.

Perhaps it depends on who’s doing the asking, and what part of the country the questions are being asked?

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