Bloomberg Blasted By Audience Member For Anti-Gun Stance While Using Armed Guards

Bloomberg Blasted By Audience Member For Anti-Gun Stance While Using Armed Guards

Former New York City Mayor called out for pushing gun control

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg was called out by an audience member for “pushing for more gun control” while using his own armed guards.

During a Fox News town hall in Manassas, Virginia on Monday, the audience member asked:

“How do you justify pushing for more gun control when you have an armed security detail that’s likely equipped with the same firearms and magazines that you seek to ban the common citizen from owning?”

“Does your life matter more than mine or my family’s or these peoples’?” he demanded.

Bloomberg responded:

“Look, I probably get 40 or 50 threats every week, ok, and some of them are real.”

”That just happens when you are the mayor of New York City, or you are very wealthy, and if you are campaigning for president of the United States, you get lots of threats,” Bloomberg continued.

Bloomberg insisted he pays for his security detail while emphasizing they are “all retired police officers who are very well trained in firearms.”

“Let me talk about firearms for a second,” he continued.

“The Second Amendment gives you the right to bear arms,” Bloomberg noted.

“Nobody suggests that we’re gonna change the Constitution, even if you wanted to, I don’t think you’d get it done, so nobody’s gonna take your right to bear arms,” he argued.

“The Supreme Court said you can have reasonable restrictions. The only restrictions which I’m in favor of is to prevent us from selling guns to people with psychiatric problems, criminals or people that are minors,” he added.

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Bloomberg then outlined why he belives gun shows should also be subject to federal law:

“And what I tried to do is to just to get every state, because the federal government doesn’t seem to want to do it, to just check before they sell anybody a gun to make sure they are not in one of those categories …”

But despite Bloomberg’s arguments, he has frequently pushed misinformation regarding gun-related deaths in the US, one of which he falsey claimed “21 students are shot every day” under President Donald Trump.

Last month, Bloomberg faced backlash for running a misleading campaign ad pushing gun control during the Super Bowl.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) attacked Bloomberg’s anti-Second Amendment advertisement after it was found to be riddled with false claims.

The NRA torched “Mini Mike” by releasing their own ad, highlighting Bloomberg’s falsehoods.

The NRA was responding to Bloomberg’s $10 million ad that made false claims about the number of children killed by firearms every year.

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