Boy With Terminal Cancer Receives 40,000 Christmas Cards From Across Globe

Boy With Terminal Cancer Receives 40,000 Christmas Cards From Across Globe

Simple plea from family turns into a global display of Christmas spirit

Parents of an eight-year-old boy with terminal brain cancer turned a simple plea into a global display of Christmas spirit that warmed the hearts of many across the world.

Drake Quibodeaux has received over 40,000 cards from all corners of the globe wishing him a Merry Christmas.

The response to the family has been so overwhelming that their kitchen is full to the brim with piles of envelopes and packages, and they are still receiving more cards.

Many packages contain toys, books, and notes wishing Drake and his family well during a hard time.

Drake was recently diagnosed with Difuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, an aggressive tumor located at the base of the brain.

Sadly, just 5 percent of children with such tumor survive years following diagnoses.

‘At the start, they give you nine to 12 months,’ Danielle Quibodeaux, Drake’s mother, told WTHR.

Drake was diagnosed with cancer nine months ago. 

A friend of the family wrote a post on Facebook asking people to ‘flood’ Drake’s mailbox with Christmas cards.

The family was not prepared for the responses as thousands of letters and packages began to flood in.

‘It’s not about presents; it’s not about nothing,’ Quibodeaux said.

‘It’s about letting him know the community loves him and they’re behind him.’

Drakes goal was to get 190 cards, but within days he had thousands.

‘We tape them to our front door,’ Quibodeaux said.

‘He just looks at them and says, “They love me so much, mama.” I’m like, “Yes baby.”‘

The family also received letters from schools and even had visits from people who decorated their house.

Amongst those visiting Drake were soldiers, police officers, and Santa Claus.

Louisiana Lt Governor Billy Nungesser sent a letter naming Drake a true ‘Louisiana Ambassador.’

‘We’re blown away with the support,’ Quibodeaux said.

‘People will come up to me, and they’re like “Thank you for letting us take part in this.”‘

‘I’m like, “I should be thanking you,”‘ she continued.

‘I don’t know why they’re thanking me, because it should be the other way around. But we’re blown away.’

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