British PM Theresa May Refuses to Ban Dog Eating in the UK

British PM Theresa May Refuses to Ban Dog Eating in the UK

Prime Minister refusing to respond to calls for change in law to ban barbaric practice

British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing mounting pressure as she refuses to ban the practice of dog eating in the United Kingdom.

Animal rights campaign groups are reporting a huge rise in the barbaric custom across Britain, with UK’s Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan insisting that an outright ban must be implemented.

An international canine welfare charity reported that dog eating is rapidly spreading across Europe, due to mass immigration from the Far East, where the habit is commonplace.

Surprisingly, killing dogs or consuming their meat is still considered legal in Britain, despite widespread revolt from concerned citizens across the UK against the cruel behavior.

In the US next month, Congress plans to establish a total ban on the import, trade, and consumption of dog meat, amid reports that the practice is also rising in America.

This week, several senior MPs voiced their concerns over the rise in dog eating across the UK, calling on Mrs. May to follow in the US’s footsteps and implement a complete ban.

PM May, however, has refused to act on the request, despite growing pressure.

Speaking to Express, Mr. Duncan, dog lover, and owner of a prize-winning cockapoo named Noodle, declared a full ban against dog eating is “absolutely right.”

He said: “There is no need in the modern world for this disgusting habit. We should nip it in the bud now to make sure the practice never takes off here. 

“A civilized country is decent to animals, so let’s be fully decent here.”

On 21 June, China celebrates its annual dog meat festival in Yulin, where over 10,000 dogs area eaten – many of them stolen and strays.

The animals are inhumanely slaughtered using clubs or beaten to death, and then sold to locals who believe their meat is beneficial for the body and good for their health.

Thousands of locals flock to the event every year to celebrate the summer solstice, buying, selling and trading dog meat.

In Autumn, the World Dog Alliance will launch a nationwide campaign, urging Whitehall to implement a full ban against the trade and consumption of dog meat in Britain.

The WDA’s Kike Yuen told The Sun:

“In the US, people who eat dog meat are mainly immigrants from Asia.

“With three million immigrants from East Asia in the UK, we cannot deny this situation exists here too.

“We also believe legislation against dog meat in the UK would provide us with the strength to continue our work in Asia, as the UK could influence other countries to stop dog meat consumption.

“Most of them usually refused to do so with the excuse that there is no such law in Western countries.”

The chair of the All-party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group Lisa Cameron MP told the Sun:

“I very much support a ban on dog meat consumption in the UK and urge the Government to look at this as a matter of urgency.

“We must be culturally sensitive, but I do not believe the general public would approve of the practice at all.”

The SNP MP added: “Dogs are sentient beings and we value them very highly as pets. The last thing we want is dog farms here.”

In Asia, approximately 30 million dogs are slaughtered per year for consumption, with many dubbing dog meat as a delicacy and health tonic.

Dog eating is common in countries such as China, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

In China, 20 percent of the population eat dog meat while 60 percent of South Korea consumes the meat, with 5 million dogs slaughtered per year to cater to the staggering demand.

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