British Yellow Vests Unite ’Left And Right’ Over Brexit And Mass Immigration

British Yellow Vests Unite ’Left And Right’ Over Brexit And Mass Immigration

Movement becomes a global phenomenon against globalism

Brtish Yellow vest have united both left and right leaning protesters under a common outrage over the continuing Brexit chaos and mass immigration.

The Yellow Vest movement, which was launched in France, is now becoming a global phenomenon as protesters from various countries across Europe have taken to the streets to vent their anger over globalism.

But in the UK, a number of left-wing movements vowed to wear yellow vests during their demonstrations to protest to the Tory government and austerity.

Right-wing activists have also adopted the yellow vests to heckle politicians and vent their anger over Brexit deal stalemate and mass immigration.

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Shabbir Lakha, the spokesman for the anti-austerity People’s Assembly said:

“groups who are trying to use anger and mobilize it against refugees and migrants and ethnic minorities are not welcomed in our demonstrations.”

On Wednesday, the leader of the British Yellow Vests dared to question EU globalist and Tory MP, Anna Soubry.

After branding her a ‘fascist,’ he lost both his Facebook and Paypal accounts.

James Goddard and a group of yellow vest supporters approached Tory MP near the Palace of Westminster before questioning her about campaigning to stop Brexit.

This was despite her acceptance of the result the democratic referendum in 2016.

Soubry suddenly leaped into promoting a campaign to keep Britain in the European Union after her Leave-voting constituents re-elected her in 2017.

Ms. Soubry claimed she felt she was in “physical danger” as Goddard’s group called her “fascist” and “Nazi.”

Government panic

A senior French politician called on police to use “shoot-to-kill” tactics against France’s Yellow Vest protesters.

The former French Education Minister Luc Ferry has asked that police officers should start firing their weapons at demonstrators, claiming that killing them would “put an end the violence.”

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