Brooks: Whoever Plotted a Coup Against Trump Should Serve Maximum Jail Sentences

Brooks: Whoever Plotted a Coup Against Trump Should Serve Maximum Jail Sentences

Jail time for those responsible for wasting ‘$35 million investigating a non-event’

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) has called for the aggressive pursuit of those involved in an alleged coup d’état against President Donald Trump, so they can serve long jails sentences.

Brooks spoke on Huntsville, AL radio’s “The Dale Jackson Show” on WVNN, saying that those who made a “false statement” leading to Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s Russia probe, have wasted “$35 million investigating a non-event.” 

According to Brooks, the crimes committed include making false statements to law enforcement, and obstruction of justice.

“[O]n the executive branch side, [Attorney General William] Barr on his own can be and should be investigating how this got that far wasting this amount of taxpayer dollars,” Brooks said.

“At some point in this process, there was somebody who made false statements about alleged Russian collusion to someone in the executive branch.”

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“That is obstruction of justice,” he continued.

“That is making false statements to law enforcement officers. And those people, whoever those people are, they need to be uncovered, and they need to be prosecuted because they’re the ones responsible for this two-year debacle, this two-year investigation, this waste of $35 million investigating a non-event.”

Brooke told Host Dale Jackson that he was unsure if the individuals responsible would eventually be caught, but added if they are, they should be punished.

“I do not know,” he said.

“I certainly hope so, and I hope that this attorney general will be aggressive and get to the bottom of it because the people who are engaged in these kinds of lies, this kind of wasting of taxpayer money should not get away with it. We should catch them.

“We should put them in jail to the maximum term allowed by law because we should never allow federal government employees to go, rogue, to try to engage in what in effect a coup d’état against a sitting president of the United States.

“That is serious, and that needs to be dealt with seriously.”

Last month, Attorney General William Barr ordered a top Connecticut prosecutor to investigate how the Trump-Russia probe began.

G Barr nominated US Attorney John Durham to decide if the government’s methods in gathering intelligence concerning the 2016 Trump campaign were “lawful and appropriate.”

Barr told Congress last month that he believed “spying did occur” against Donald Trump’s campaign, but didn’t elaborate on the details.

Mueller ended the Russia investigation with his resignation to the department last week.

He added there would be no more comments on the report, asking anyone with further questions to refer to the 400-page report as his testimony.

There was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, the report concluded.

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