Buttigieg Claims Trump ‘Faked Injury’ to Avoid Vietnam Draft in 1968

Buttigieg Claims Trump ‘Faked Injury’ to Avoid Vietnam Draft in 1968

2020 hopeful claimed that Trump ‘manipulated’ the system to get a diagnosis

2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg has accused President Donald Trump of pretending to have an injury so he could avoid serving in the Vietnam War.

Buttigieg claimed that Trump ‘manipulated’ the system to get a diagnosis allowing him to avoid the draft.

“I have a pretty dim view of his decision to use his privileged status to fake a disability in order to avoid serving in Vietnam,” Mr. Buttigieg said at a Washington Post event.

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Trump was given a medical exemption from the military in 1968 after he was diagnosed with bone spurs in his heels.

It then led to the first of five military deferments, four of which were for education.

But Trump maintained that the diagnosis was real.

When Buttigieg was asked if he genuinely believed Trump faked a disability, he replied:

“Do you believe he has a disability?”

“I mean if he were a conscientious objector, I’d admire that, but this is somebody who I think it is fairly obvious to most of us took advantage of the fact that he was a child of a multi-millionaire in order to pretend to be disabled so somebody could go to war in his place,” he said.

“I know that dredges up old wounds from a complicated time during a complicated war.

But I am also old enough to remember when conservatives talked about character as something that mattered in the presidency, and so I think it deserves to be talked about.”

Earlier this week Buttigieg called for President Thomas Jefferson’s name to be stripped from public view.

South Bend Mayor Buttigieg said during a radio interview that removing Jefferson’s name from buildings, honors, and events – specifically the annual Democrat fundraiser, the “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner” – is “the right thing to do.”

“Yeah, we’re doing that in Indiana. I think it’s the right thing to do,” Buttigieg said, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

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