CA Church Pleads Newsom to Open for Easter after Being Crushed with $100K Fines

CA Church Pleads Newsom to Open for Easter after Being Crushed with $100K Fines

‘Enough is enough, sir, pastor decalres’

A California church pastor has begged Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom to allow him to open for Easter after being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Pastor Jack Trieber of North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara pleaded with state authorities to relent in a recent video.

The church has been meeting outdoors since being fined over $100,000 for continuing to meet inside last year.

Pastor Trieber said:

“Governor Newsom, I implore you to open up our churches Easter Sunday, April 4.”

“This is Sunday, early in the morning, and we’re freezing out here. We’re cold.”

“We’ve been obeying for 366 days, one year and one day,” the pastor added.

“We’ve shut our church down.

“We’re meeting in the parking lot.

“We’re meeting in open-air meetings, and we have tents everywhere.”

“We need our church open,” Trieber continued.

He recounted how he and his wife have endeavored to be “good residents” of Santa Clara for 45 years but said the state’s restrictions on them have grown untenable.

“We’re out here literally freezing in the winter,” he said.

“Through hail this past week, as people sat here, and through rain.

“And we are very hot in the summer.

“Yet we have a 3,000-seat auditorium that sits empty.”

“In addition to Easter, we gave you Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

“We gave you July 4th.

“We gave you Labor Day.

“We gave you all the summer, we gave you all the spring, we gave you all of the fall.”

Trieber told Newsom, “Enough is enough, sir.”


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Last year, Churches in California refused to implement Newsom’s lockdown orders because of the ‘health concerns’ of COVID-19.

Two churches, the Grace Community Church in a Los Angeles suburb and Calvary Church Chino Hills, have defied orders to keep their doors closed.

in May, lawyer Robert H. Tyler submitted a letter to California Governor Newsom (D-CA) informing him that several churches across the state are planning to reopen, despite his order.

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