California to Ban Bible Sales Over ‘Transgender Hate Speech’

California to Ban Bible Sales Over ‘Transgender Hate Speech’

Governor Jerry Brown rallies to ban books promoting religious teachings

A new bill being pushed by the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, aims to ban sales of the Bible and books that promote Biblical teachings due to claims they include “hate speech” aimed at gay and transgender people.

Brown has joined forces with the state assembly to expedite the bill through the house and usher in the new regulations.

Assembly Bill 2943 will threaten the flexibility of religion and First Modification rights of Christians in California.

By using the state’s “consumer fraud statute” to limit religious liberty and free speech, the bill seeks to prohibit sales of the Bible since it consists of verses that fall outside what Governor Brown considers to be “appropriate teaching” on sexuality issues.

The controversial bill, which will also prohibit any speech or written material that promotes conventional Christian views on marriage and sexuality, has already made its way through the California state assembly after it was approved on the floor on Thursday.

The bill now goes to the state Senate for a vote.

Randy Thomasson of states the bill is incredibly broad and will affect almost anything people may use as a guide for religious assistance.

This is very expansive, very tyrannical and absolutely squashing free speech, religious freedom and basic choice of people. This is an anti-freedom, anti-American bill,” Thomasson told CBN News.

Basically, churches and Christian schools that share Biblical teachings on the subject will be open to lawsuits.

CBN News asked Thomasson if the bill will cause a ban on Bibles or perhaps books from other faiths like the Koran.

Well, you could see this law going into effect. A church bookstore selling the Bible, of course, selling a book about marriage or sexual purity… You could see a member of the public or even a member of the state government coming and saying, ‘Hey, that’s illegal,’” Thomasson answered.

The new law will only ban books with references to sexuality, so groups who openly support homosexuality and transgenderism, such as the Church of Satan, will still be able to promote and sell copies of the Satanic Bible.

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If AB 2943 clears California’s Senate and is signed into law, it will adversely impact Christian counselors, bookshops, church conferences, as well as medical and health specialists.

The bill also looks to ban Biblical-based counseling for those seeking Christian guidance, as the standard Christian counseling does not fit into Gov. Jerry Brown’s “modern scientific” view of the world.

Mat Staver, founder, and chairman of Liberty Counsel told CBN News that exactly what makes this expense particularly unsafe is that California frequently leads the charge in pushing the LGBTQ legal agenda.

While some modifications have been overdue and just, many others infringe on everyday Americans’ civil liberties.

People have the right to seek the counsel of their choice, but this bill substitutes the government for personal choice,” Staver told CBN news.

“The implications are staggering, and the result is harmful.”

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